Team Battle FPS 'Shadowgun War Games' launches On February 12

Shadowgun WG

Shadowgun War Games, the next title from Madfinger Games that feels very inspired by Overwatch, launches on February 12.

If you were lucky enough to be chosen for the closed beta though, you could be playing it right now. Something which you should be aware of if you applied to be a closed beta tester.

Though the game does take a few liberties, anyone who’s ever played Overwatch will be able to spot the similarities between the two games. And that’s not a knock on Madfinger Games, but rather a praise.


As it seems Blizzard may have no intentions of bringing an Overwatch game to mobile. So this should fill that void for fans of the series.

Shadowgun War Games launches as a free title on both platforms

As most are likely already aware, the game will launch for free when it hits Google Play and the App Store.

Like most past games from Madfinger, the base game will cost nothing to download or play. But you will be able to spend real-world money on in-game items or XP boosts, or premium currency that will be needed to buy certain aesthetic stuff. Such as skins for characters, and possibly better emotes.


Even with micro transactions though, the game shouldn’t feel pay to win at all. In the limited time with the closed beta so far, everything has felt pretty smooth and balanced between the roster of characters.

The game will only launch with five characters

This isn’t exactly a revelation and is more of a reiteration, but the game will only launch five characters. Eventually there will be more though.

Madfinger Games is committed to adding more characters to the shooter. Stating that there will be a “gallery of heroes” that players can select from. The only thing is there’s no information on exactly when more characters will be added.


So for the time being players will be limited to the first five that have shown up in promotional materials and in the closed beta.

There will be a battle pass available

Battle passes seem to be pretty common these days in shooters, and Shadowgun War Games is no different.

Madfinger Games is confirming that there will be a battle pass available. It has not however mentioned how much it will cost. If you compare to games like Call of Duty Mobile though, it should cost around $10 a season.


With the battle pass, players will be able to progress through new tiers to unlock and earn rewards. Which could be anything from new skins and emotes to digital premium currency and more.

Shadowgun War Games Release Date