TCL 10 Series Offers 5G, Quad Camera Setup At An Affordable Price


TCL unveiled three new smartphones during CES 2020. All TCL 10 series phones are going to be priced below the $500 mark, despite offering premium mid-tier features.

Detailed specifications have not been revealed yet, as this was more of a teaser. The Chinese company is formally going to launch the 10L, 10 Pro, and 10 5G during MWC 2020.

All three phones offer a quad-camera system, but specifications will likely differ. The TCL 10 Pro and 10 5G have a 64-megapixel main sensor, while the 10L has a primary 48MP unit. It also seems like all the handsets have a macro lens. The sensors have been aligned horizontally.


The TCL 10 series also get the proprietary Nxtvision image enhancement and camera optimization technology. It can convert SDR content to HDR and improve the color and fidelity of content.

TCL 10 Series will go on sale in Q2 2020

The TCL 10 5G is powered by Qualcomm's new Snapdragon 7-series chipset. This will allow it to provide support for the latest standard of connectivity at a reasonable price point. The phone has a physical fingerprint scanner on the back and a pinhole LCD display to house the selfie camera.

The TCL 10 Pro sports a custom CSOT-designed AMOLED screen. TCL has some stakes in CSOT and its involvement has apparently resulted in a display comparable to TCL's television. The screen will also get help from a custom hardware controller.


The display has an embedded fingerprint reader and a notch for the front camera. The phone also has a 3.5mm headphone jack, which is great for people who aren't used to wireless earbuds. The handset has a matte glass back.

Lastly, the TCL 10L also has an LCD display with a punch hole and a physical fingerprint reader on the back.

Beyond that, other technical details haven't been revealed. Similarly, the exact prices of the phones aren't known. The TCL 10 series will be available in the United States and Canada later this year.


TCL began using its own name for phones just last year

TCL is primarily a TV company and it previously used to sell Android phones using the names of other companies.

It started using its own brand name for smartphones last year only. However, its debut phone, the TCL Plex, only made it to the European and international markets. And as is evident now, the manufacturer also wants a slice of the North American market.

With the TCL 10 series, the manufacturer seems to be betting big on its screen technology. And with the limited information available, we can say that the handsets do stand a chance to woo the audience.


Sure, they seem pretty generic, but if the display lives up to the hype, the phones can make a mark. Otherwise, affordability isn't necessarily a standout feature as we can expect more phones with Qualcomm's mid-tier silicon in the same range in the near future.

Even the upcoming Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro, which will be underpinned by the Snapdragon 865 and have a 108-megapixel primary sensor, is expected to start at $550.

Thus, we will have to wait and see what else TCL has in store for consumers.