Stadia Pro Games For February Are GYLT And Metro Exodus


Google has confirmed the free games for February that are coming to Stadia Pro members.

There will be two games this coming month just like with past months, too. Which means even more free games to add to your library.

On February 1, Stadia Pro members are getting both GYLT and Metro Exodus for free. That'll bring the total Pro lineup to eight, six of which were from November, December, and January.


Not all games will be available though. And there will be less available going forward after February hits.

Stadia Pro members will lose two more games in February if not claimed

Just like with past months, Stadia Pro members will lose two more games on February 1. Only if the ones leaving aren't claimed though.

Last year, Pro members lost the ability to claim Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition after a certain date. On February 1, players will lose the ability to pick up Rise of the Tomb Raider. The second game in the new trilogy.


Samurai Shodown is also going away. The good news is that you can still claim both of these games as of right now. So long as you claim them for your Pro library by January 31. After that date, they'll be gone.

More specifically, they'll disappear the morning of January 31 at 9AM PST just like past games. For anyone who already has them though they will continue to be playable if they have an active Pro membership.

GYLT and Metro Exodus will be free at 9AM the morning of February 1

When Google drops new games into the Stadia library, or when it makes any of the existing ones free for Pro members, the timing of these games going live is always set for 9AM PST.


The same thing will go for GYLT and Metro Exodus. If you've not already purchased either of these games, hold off a little bit longer to save yourself some money.

GYLT normally costs $30, and Metro Exodus normally costs $40. So in all you'll save $70 by waiting. That is if you had planned to buy these two games in the first place.

For the time being, Google is trying to hold Stadia uses over with a continually rotating list of free titles from the games that you can already buy. The company is prepared to launch tons of new titles this year though.


It plans to launch 120 more games for the platform in 2020, some of them being timed exclusives. Some will also be showing up within the first quarter of the year. Which means within the next coupe of months.