Sony Will Announce New Xperia Smartphones At MWC 2020

sony mwc invite

Sony Xperia has started sending out press invites to a press conference that will be kicking off MWC 2020 on February 24.

Sony does typically hold its press conference at MWC on the opening day of the show, first thing in the morning. So this is no surprise. But the surprise will be what Sony has to show us.

We’ve seen some recent leaks pointing to a few different smartphones, so we do have a bit of an idea.


Sony Xperia 5 Plus is likely to show up at MWC 2020

The flagship this year is likely to be the Xperia 5 Plus. That would be a larger version of the Xperia 5 that the company showed off at IFA last September.

We haven’t seen a lot a of rumors regarding the Xperia 5 Plus, but we are hearing that it’ll sport a 6.6-inch display (half an inch larger than the Xperia 5), as well as sporting new silicon. Likely the Snapdragon 865.

Rumors are also speculating that Sony is going to use a quad-camera setup on the back of the Xperia 5 Plus. This includes a main sensor, ultrawide, telephoto with the Time of Flight being the new addition this year. The front gets a 8-megapixel sensor.


There are still some pretty small bezels on the Xperia 5 Plus, but somehow there is still some front-facing stereo speakers. And Sony brought back the headphone jack. Which makes sense for Sony, as it is also a music and headphone company.

Sony is also supposed to launch a few mid-range smartphones like the Xperia 3 at the show.

Sony always announces new flagships at Mobile World Congress

Many aren’t fans of how often Sony introduces new flagship smartphones, especially since they can sometimes take months to be made available for purchase. But Sony always announces new flagships at Mobile World Congress in February and then at IFA in September. So it’s time for another one from Sony.


But it can be expected that Sony might change this strategy, as it hasn’t been making any money in its mobile division. And is looking to change that.

However, it seems that we’re still getting a new flagship smartphone at MWC 2020 next month from Sony. And it might actually be an affordable one. After all, the Xperia 5 is only priced at $798, which for a Sony flagship, that’s actually pretty cheap. Though it wouldn’t be a surprise to see the Xperia 5 Plus go with a higher price tag.