Sony PS5 May Have Backwards Compatibility Via Remastering Engine

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A new rumor is suggesting that the Sony PS5 (PlayStation 5) will have backwards compatibility through technology called a remastering engine.

The rumor comes from @HipHopGamer on Twitter, who mentions the remastering engine for the upcoming Sony console.

There isn’t a whole lot of specific details about how the backwards compatibility will work. However, there are is a little bit of information on Sony’s potential plans. And if turns out to be true this may be what PlayStation fans have been clamoring for.


It’s worth keeping mind that all of this is just a rumor. Sony has not officially announced any of this.

Sony will allow backwards compatibility for discs on PS5

One of the things mentioned by @HipHopGamer is that the PlayStation 5 will allow backwards compatibility of discs from older consoles.

When it comes to backwards compatibility, this is mainly what fans are wanting. And it seems it may finally be coming. According to the information the upcoming system will have multiple GPU settings that can detect the generation of console the disc is from.


Thus reading whether it comes from a PS1, PS2, PS3, or PS4. This would be a huge step forward for Sony, as the PS4 doesn’t have any backwards compatibility at all for games that you may have purchased on older consoles.

It does have PlayStation Now, which lets you stream older games from PS1 through PS4. That isn’t the same thing though, as you can’t download any of those games. When it comes to downloads, you’re limited to a much smaller collection of games from the older consoles, and you still need to buy them.

But who wants to re-buy the same games they already own? Not many people. And this is where full backwards compatibility would make things much more consumer friendly.


Downloads could be included too

PS3 and PS4 were the heralds of the digital age for PlayStation gaming. With PS3 Sony introduced the ability to download digital versions of games. And with PS4 this digital availability only grew.

Backwards compatibility for disc-based software is great. But a lot of consumers from the current generation PlayStation console purchased their games digitally.

Which means for full backwards compatibility the PS5 would need to allow you to download the digital versions of your games from older generation consoles as well. The rumor notes that this will also be included.


Sony may also add supersampling to upscale the graphics of older games

What makes this rumor all the more exciting if you’re a PlayStation fan is the capability for upscaled graphics.

Part of the report states that the PlayStation 5 won’t just play older games from all four older consoles. It will also make them look better through things like supersampling.

Basically it would upscale the graphics to look like they may be Full HD or Ultra HD, even if they’re not. That’s how supersampling works. Destiny 2 on Stadia is a good example of graphical upscaling. As developer Bungie has confirmed that the game doesn’t play in native 4K, and is instead upscaled to look 4K.


If this is added, the PlayStation 5 would breathe new life into many older games that weren’t deemed worthy of official remaster or remake treatment.