Get Your First Month Of Sling TV For $20

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Sling TV is currently running a sale where you can get a $10 discount on your first month of service. That brings the Sling Orange and Sling Blue options down to just $20 per month. Or you can get both for $35.

This comes shortly after Sling TV was announcing that it was raising prices on all three options, after adding in Fox News and a couple of other channels. They only went up by $5 each, so it’s not a huge price jump, but still noticeable for most people. Sling TV remains the most cost effective streaming TV service available, though.

With Sling Orange, you are getting 32 channels. These include ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, Disney Channel, A&E, Lifetime, Vice, Cartoon Network and many more.


While Sling Blue comes with 47 channels, it is obviously the better value, just on a per channel basis. But it has the majority of the Fox channels included. So you are of course getting Fox News, as well as Fox in select markets, FS1, USA, CNN, HGTV, TLC, NBCSN, FX, Comedy Central, History and much more.

Of course, if you want some channels from Sling Orange and some from Sling Blue, you can at least combine them at a discounted rate of $45 normally – but with this deal it’ll be $35 for the first month.

Sling TV also offers a number of add-ons. So if you’re looking for some more channels or features, you can add those too. Cloud DVR is one of those add-ons. Everyone gets 10 hours of recordings for free, but for $5 more per month you can bump that up to 50 hours. Sports Extra is available for $15 and it brings in a ton of sports network. Like MLB Network, NBA TV, ESPNEWS, and many more. You can also get eight more kids channels for $5 per month. As well as some other bundles that are available.


Sling TV offers an a la carte experience. So that in order to get the channels you want, you’re not paying for a ton that you don’t want. It’s not quite pick and choose, but it is close. So you might still end up with some channels that you don’t care for. And while Sling TV does start at $20 (normally $30) per month, it can really get pretty high from there, depending on what channels you want.

It’s available on almost every platform. Including Android, Chromecast, Android TV, iOS, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku and much more. This discount on Sling TV is not going to last long, and we have no idea when it will actually end.

You can sign up for Sling TV by clicking here. 


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