Skinit Lets You Add Skins To Your Google Stadia Controller

Stadia Controller 2

If you’ve felt like your Stadia controller was lacking something, perhaps a customized look, Skinit has your back.

The company has just released a wide selection of skins for the Stadia controller that are custom fit for it. They’re not too expensive either. You can actually pick them up for $15 each.

Wide selection is no understatement. For example, there are 53 different skins for the controller in the Anime category alone. Including the Goku one you can see below.


You can also customize your own skin for the controller. That way if you don’t see something you like out of everything Skinit offers, you can just make one. These will cost a bit more at $20 instead of $15.

Skinit offers over 2,600 skins for the Stadia controller

If customization is your thing, then Skinit really gives you options. The company offers over 2,600 different skins for the controller.

All told there are 2,615 different skins you can choose from. Including anime-themed skins from anime that are licensed from Funimation studios. Which includes things like Fairy Tale, Dragon Ball Z, My Hero Academia and more.

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There are also generic designs like Carbon Fiber, as well as tons of different colleges and NFL teams. There are even loads of MARVEL Comics skins you can select from.

One thing to keep in mind is that the over 2,600 options doesn’t even include the ability to customize your own skin design. With that, the options are basically limitless.

There’s a skin for the Chromecast Ultra included

When you pickup one of the skins for the controller you don’t just get a controller skin. You get one for the Chromecast Ultra too. And it matches the design of the controller.


This makes it a better value. And it kind of makes sense, since the Stadia bundles come with a Chromecast Ultra to use for playing games.

Skinit didn’t just add skins for the Stadia controller though. It actually now has skins for various Google products. This includes the Pixelbook Go, the Pixelbook Slate, and the pen that goes with those two devices.

You’ll even find skins for numerous Google Home products like the Google Home, Google Home Hub, and Google Home Max. The prices for those won’t be the same as for the Stadia controller, but they aren’t too much more.


If you want to check out any of the skins that are on offer, the Skinit website has everything you could possibly want even if you have to customize it yourself.