Samsung's First Clamshell Foldable To Feature Snapdragon 855


According to a new report, Samsung’s first clamshell foldable smartphone will not feature the Snapdragon 865. The source claims that the first Samsung clamshell foldable will include the Snapdragon 855 in all markets it arrives to. Do note that he did not mention the ‘Galaxy Fold 2’ by name, so that handset may arrive later on. On the flip side, Samsung may actually opt ot call this phone the Galaxy Fold 2, we’ll see.

This information comes from Ishan Agarwal, a well-known tipster. The source also confirmed that the phone will include a 10-megapixel front-facing camera. That is probably the same sensor that sits in the Galaxy Note 10.

Possible reasons why the first Samsung clamshell foldable may feature the Snapdragon 855, instead of the SD865

There could be several reasons why Samsung may opt not to include the Snapdragon 865 in this device.


Samsung’s first clamshell foldable smartphone has been in development for quite some time. The development started way before the Snapdragon 865 arrived to the scene, and Samsung may opt to avoid any internal changes to accommodate the new chip.

The Snapdragon 865 would also add to the price tag of the phone itself. That may be yet another reason why Samsung may opt to stick with the Snapdragon 855. This device is supposed to be much more affordable than the Galaxy Fold, so it makes sense.

This handset will become the company’s second-gen foldable smartphone. We’re still not entirely sure what will it be called, but Samsung may even opt for the Galaxy Fold 2 name.


The device will fold vertically, unlike the original Galaxy Fold, which folded horizontally, like a book. This phone is expected to look far more appealing, as it will not have a huge notch. On top of that, it will offer thinner bezels.

The device will include a display camera hole, and thin bezels

Samsung’s clamshell foldable will sport a display camera hole, though. This is something we’ve already seen on the Galaxy Note 10 series. The Galaxy S20 series is also expected to include such a display hole.

Speaking of which, this smartphone is expected to arrive alongside the Galaxy S20. Samsung’s upcoming flagship smartphones will launch on February 11, the company already confirmed.


Samsung did not confirm that its first clamshell foldable handset will launch side-by-side with the Galaxy Fold 2, but that is what’s expected to happen.

The Galaxy Fold 2 is also expected to be far more affordable than the original Galaxy Fold. Some rumors even suggested that it will cost considerably less than $1,000. We’ll see how accurate that info is.

This device will ship with Android 10 out of the box, and Samsung’s software on top of it. It will be made out of metal and glass, and feature a hinge that is hidden when the phone is open.