This Is The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip [Updated]


Update: WinFuture has published many more renders of the Galaxy Z Flip in black and purple.

This leak apparently shows the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, the company's latest foldable smartphone that is due to be announced at Unpacked next month.

This leak of the Galaxy Z Flip comes from the one and only, Evleaks. So needless to say, this is likely to be very accurate.


Galaxy Z Flip is the first of a new form-factor for Samsung

This is not Samsung's first foldable smartphone, but it is the first one to fold on the x-axis. The Galaxy Fold folded on the y-axis.

There's a few other changes with the Galaxy Z Flip compared to the Galaxy Fold. For instance, it doesn't have an outer display. So it opens up to a regular sized smartphone display. Instead of going from a smartphone to a tablet. This makes the Galaxy Z Flip smaller, and likely more pocketable.

As we're hearing from another tipster, Max Weinbach, the Galaxy Z Flip was supposed made with women in mind. Typically women have smaller pockets. So something like the Galaxy Z Flip would fit better into their pocket versus the Galaxy Fold, which is still a pretty thick and long smartphone.


This one looks like a pretty standard smartphone, except it folds in the middle

If the Galaxy Z Flip did not fold in the middle, then this phone would look like any old smartphone from China. It has what looks like a metal or aluminum frame, with likely a glass back. And it even has the dual camera in the corner, in a horizontal alignment.

It does look like an older smartphone (from say, 2016), but with a hinge in the middle.

Currently, it's unclear what the aspect ratio is going to be on this one, but it'll likely be close to a 21:9 aspect ratio. Which would match the Motorola razr.


It's also worth noting that the Galaxy Z Flip is going to be much cheaper than the Galaxy Fold. A recent leak have the Galaxy Z Flip pegged at $1400, and that it'll go on sale rather quickly after the announcement at Unpacked. Galaxy Z Flip is pegged to go on sale starting on February 14. Which is also the same day as the Motorola razr. That's a pretty interesting target date for Samsung, because it's not like it needs to compete with Motorola anyways.

We should hear more about the Galaxy Z Flip at Unpacked on February 11, along with the new Galaxy S20 series – which includes five new phones.