Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 5G Is Official, World's First 5G Tablet

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Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S6 5G tablet is now official. It is the world’s first 5G tablet.

The Galaxy Tab S6 5G is now official

The new Galaxy Tab S6 is the same Tab S6 Samsung announced months ago, but now with 5G cellular connectivity. This means that the specs, outside of 5G connectivity, remain unchanged from the 4G model. What are they? There’s a 10.5-inch display, a good size for watching movies and TV shows in landscape mode.

The gorgeous Super AMOLED display comes with a Quad HD+ resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels. There’s at least 6GB of RAM with regard to memory. The same AKG quad speakers return, providing quality sound. Other specs include 128GB of internal storage and the S Pen. The S Pen attaches at the back of the tablet.


There is also a microSD card slot if the 128GB of onboard storage isn’t sufficient. If there’s one thing Android users love, it’s microSD card slots and expandable storage.

There’s the thinness of the device, which remains at 5.7mm. Its weight is still 420g. Samsung’s first 5G tablet is available in a mountain gray color, with one storage option (128GB) for buyers.

Though the 5G-enabled Galaxy Tab S6 is now official, there are some caveats.


Samsung’s new tablet comes with some caveats

The world’s first 5G tablet has launched, but not without some caveats. First on the list is that the Galaxy Tab S6 5G is only available in a mountain gray color. There is no other color option for the new 5G tablet, so what buyers see is what they get.

Next on the list of concessions in the 128GB-only storage option. The 4G model comes with 128GB and 256GB storage options, but Samsung limits the 5G model to only one. This may upset some potential buyers, but there is the microSD card slot which remains the same.

The Tab S6 5G will only be available from three retailers, so availability won’t be widespread initially. This isn’t a surprise for those who know how slow global launches can be.


Last but not least, the device is only available in Samsung’s home country of South Korea at the moment. There’s no word on whether or not the Galaxy Tab S6 5G will become available in Europe, throughout Asia, or even in the US.

Samsung leads the way in 5G with the world’s first-ever 5G tablet

With 5G-enabled smartphones launching this year, it only makes sense to see 5G tablets in the wild as well. Few Android OEMs are launching tablets. Samsung, on the other hand, is practically the single Android OEM that is keeping the tablet market in full swing. The company’s Galaxy Tab line has popularized Android tablets, so it’s not surprising to see Samsung launch the world’s first 5G Android tablet.

The Galaxy Tab S6 5G should launch for approximately 999,999 Korean Won (or ~$848 USD) in South Korea on tomorrow, January 30th. Early buyers can receive some freebies such as a keyboard book cover, battery pack, Galaxy Buds, and a Whitestone Walnut glass screen protector. Samsung intends to give tablet content as well. Check Samsung’s website for more information on these items.