The Galaxy S20 & S20+ Look Amazing In These Official Renders


The Samsung Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20+ have now joined the Galaxy S20 Ultra in getting official renders today.

The renders look just like the many leaks that we've seen in the past few weeks, when it comes to the Galaxy S20. With the same huge camera bump on the back, though there are fewer cameras compared to the Galaxy S20 Ultra (one of the ways Samsung is going to differentiate them).

We're looking at an Infinity-O display, with 2.5D glass on the back. That is going to make the back and front sort of melt into each other, making for a really great feel in the hand. Which makes this a lot easier to hold onto. Especially with these being bigger smartphones.


The Galaxy S20 will start at €899

Samsung is going to be selling the Galaxy S20 4G model starting at €899. While the 5G model will be a bit more expensive at €999.

It will also come in Cosmic Grey, Cloud Blue and Cloud Pink. The Cloud Pink is the only one that hasn't leaked or been rendered yet. But it should look pretty cool.

The Galaxy S20 does look like it has a metal back, but that is just how the glass has been colored. It is indeed still glass.


Much like the Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G, it also has a camera bump on the backside. But it is thinner. Probably about half as thick as the Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G. This could be because it does not have a Periscope camera on the back, that needs more room to zoom in.

Meanwhile, Galaxy S20+ 5G will start at €1099

The Galaxy S20+ 5G is going to be priced at €1099. Now it's important to remember that converting these prices into US Dollars does not really work. As that won't be the actual price of the phone. They are usually pretty similar to the European prices, just switching out the currency sign.

So it's likely that the Galaxy S20+ 5G will be around $1099 when it launches in the US.


We also have the three colors for the Galaxy S20+ 5G, which are Cosmic Black, Cosmic Grey and Cloud Blue.

The Galaxy S20+ 5G also has a thinner camera bump, like the Galaxy S20. So it shouldn't be as wobbly if you place it on a table and use it.

Both of these devices, along with the Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G, will be made official on February 11 when Samsung kicks off Unpacked from San Francisco.