Samsung Galaxy S20+ Design Revealed Via Real-Life Images


The Samsung Galaxy S20+ has just appeared in real-life images, which reveal its design. These images come via Max Winebach and XDA Developers. Considering this is a trustworthy source, we'd say that the images are really accurate, by the way.

The source shared three real-life images of the Galaxy S20+. These pictures are showing the phone from both the front and the back. In both front-facing images, the display is powered on, and in one of them, you can see the homepage.

The Galaxy S20+ real-life images reveal extremely thin bezels, small display hole

Thanks to that image, we can also see this phone's bezels, as you can see, the bottom bezel is still the thickest, but only barely. Samsung did a great job here when it comes to bezels. That comes with a cost, though.


What's the cost, you wonder? Well, it's that display camera hole at the top of the display. That hole is fairly small, and centered, but it's still there. It is like a huge dead pixel on the display, but that's what we have to get used to in 2020. Many more phones with display holes will emerge this year.

The source notes that the source of these images "wishes to stay anonymous". XDA Developers also note that some edits have been made to these images so that the source stays protected.

You will notice that the phone's edges are rounded, as are the display corners. There are four cameras on the back of this smartphone, along with a flash, and what seems to be a microphone hole.


The alignment of its rear cameras is a bit off

Those cameras on the back don't seem to be aligned perfectly. The ones on the right seem to be positioned a bit higher than the ones on the left. That's a bit odd, but it was probably necessary to fit everything in that camera module.

Samsung's logo is present on the back of the phone as well, while those cameras do protrude a bit. The phone is curved on the back, while the front is curved as well, but thanks to a 2.5D curved glass. The source notes that Samsung opted not to include its usual curved glass on the front.

The Samsung Galaxy S20+ won't be the most powerful device in this series. The phone will be placed below the Galaxy S20 Ultra in the pecking order, but above the Galaxy S20. The source also noted that the Galaxy S20+ is "significantly larger" than the Galaxy S10+.


The Samsung Galaxy S20+ will be fueled by the Snapdragon 865 SoC, and is rumored to come in both 4G and 5G variants. It will include plenty of RAM, and ship with Android 10 out of the box, with Samsung's custom UI on top of it.

Those three smartphones are expected to arrive on February 11. Samsung had already scheduled a press conference in order to launch the devices.

Speaking of which, these three phones are not the only ones that will arrive on February 11. The Galaxy Fold 2, or whatever Samsung opts to call its second foldable smartphone, will launch as well.