Samsung Will Offer Unlocked Galaxy S20 5G Models

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Samsung will reportedly offer the 5G variants of the Galaxy S20 in unlocked models.

This is a stark difference from the Galaxy S10+ 5G and Galaxy Note 10+ 5G that the company offered last year.

However, so far, this may only be the case for Europe. As the report only mentions Europe. It could happen for the US too, but where all four carriers are deploying 5G differently, it could be tougher for Samsung.


You'll be able to get 5G smartphones from Samsung, instead of just your carrier

Some customers prefer to get an unlocked smartphone, instead of a carrier locked one. Whether it's to jump between carriers, or because they travel a lot (or another reason entirely), it's good to see that Samsung is going to continue to offer unlocked Galaxy S20 5G models.

And it won't be available from just either. According to this report, many retailers across Europe have already started listing the Galaxy S20 5G models. Even before the device gets announced in a couple of weeks.

Buying an unlocked phone also means that you don't have your carrier's bloatware on your device. Making it a win/win.


Unlocked Galaxy S20 5G models may not be a thing in the US

As mentioned, the US carriers are doing 5G differently. Some are doing mmWave, while others are doing low-band, mid-band and high-band carrier aggregation first. Which is going to make it more difficult for Samsung to offer one 5G smartphone that can support all four US carriers. However, it's not impossible.

We'll likely have to wait until February 11 to find out for sure if Samsung is going to offer up an unlocked Galaxy S20 5G in the US or not. But considering it is only offering 5G Galaxy S20 smartphones in the US this time around, it could happen.

Though, it's also worthwhile to note that unlocked smartphones are a much more popular thing in Europe than it is in the US. This is because Europeans travel to other countries within Europe quite often and need to be able to use those networks in other countries. And having an unlocked phone makes that a lot easier.


Meanwhile, in the US, most people buy their phones from their carrier. Simply walk into a Verizon store, see a Galaxy S20 5G and fall in love with it, then buy it on the spot. There's also the added advantage of installment plans via carriers.