Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Coming In Q2 This Year: Tipster


The Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 could arrive in Q2 this year. This information comes from a well-known tipster, Max Weinbach. Mr. Weinbach is actually the person who leaked a ton of Galaxy S20 information thus far.

The Galaxy Fold 2 coming in Q2 2020, following the Galaxy Z Flip

He says that he "got word" that Samsung will announce the "true Galaxy Fold successor" in the second quarter of 2020. That phone will almost certainly be called the Galaxy Fold 2, and it's quite interesting that it's coming in Q2 this year.

As most of you know by now, the Galaxy Z Flip is expected to arrive on February 11. That device will launch alongside the Galaxy S20 series, and become the company's second foldable smartphone.


The Galaxy Z Flip will be a clamshell smartphone, it will fold vertically. The Galaxy Fold 2 will fold horizontally, like its predecessor. Based on the reports, the Galaxy Fold 2 will be Samsung's proper foldable flagship smartphone, while the Z Flip will be below it in the pecking order.

The Galaxy Z Flip is rumored to be fueled by the Snapdragon 855+, Qualcomm's flagship SoC for 2019. The Galaxy Fold 2 will almost certainly include the Snapdragon 865, though.

It is quite interesting that Samsung is planning to launch two foldable smartphones in such a short time span. It's also interesting that we did not see a single proper leak of the Galaxy Fold 2 thus far.


If it arrives in Q2 this year, that means that it will launch in April, May or June. That actually leaves plenty of time for leaks, which will almost certainly start popping up after the Galaxy S20 launch.

The device will probably resemble the original 'Fold', to a degree

The Galaxy Fold 2 will probably look similar to the Galaxy Fold on the outside. The inside could be a different story, though. The phone will probably include Samsung's Ultra Thin Glass (UTG), the same that will be included in the Z Flip.

The Galaxy Fold 2 is also expected to look nicer than its predecessor, on the inside. The Galaxy Fold included a rather unseemly display notch, its successor is expected to rectify that.


The phone is also expected to be more not as fragile as the first-gen model. The device will likely include an 8-inch display, a 108-megapixel camera, and even an S Pen. 5G connectivity will be a part of the offering as well.

We still do not know how much will the device cost, but it will be more expensive than the Galaxy Z Flip. The Galaxy Fold 2 will likely cost over $1,500, but we're only guessing.

That is pretty much everything we have to share about the phone at this point. Expect plenty of Galaxy Fold 2 leaks after the Galaxy S20 launch and MWC 2020.