Galaxy A11 With Triple Camera & 4000mAh Battery Stops By FCC


Samsung is all set to unveil new Galaxy A phones, as the Galaxy A11 with a triple rear camera setup just passed through the FCC.

Galaxy A11 specs: triple camera and 4000mAh battery

The Galaxy A11 bears the model number SM-A115F. The model number for the Galaxy A10 is SM-A105. The Galaxy A11 is thus the next-generation version of the Galaxy A10.

There are two new selling points for the Galaxy A11. First, the Galaxy A11 will pack a triple camera setup, the first of the low-end Galaxy A series. Samsung did announce the Galaxy A7 back in 2018 with a triple-camera setup. While the Galaxy A7 was the first triple-camera A series phone, the A7 costs more than the lower-tier A11 will cost.


The next selling point concerns the processor. The Galaxy A10 carried a Samsung Exynos 7884 processor. In contrast, the Galaxy A11 will feature either the Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 or 626 SoC. Alongside an improved rear camera comes an improved processor.

A 4,000mAh battery will power the A11. This is the same battery capacity as the Galaxy A20 and A50, so there's no battery change. There is a battery change from the A10, however, as it houses a 3,400mAh battery. Battery life in the Galaxy A11 should improve due to a more efficient processor.

RAM, storage, fingerprint sensor, Android 10, and price

2GB of RAM and 32GB of storage are specs one would expect at the entry-level. These are no surprise. Samsung does offer expandable storage though, so those who cherish the microSD card can still have their favorite price point and storage too.


Other A11 specs include a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor, Android 10, and four colors (White, Red, Black, and Blue). Android 10 brings a system-wide Dark Mode, Live Caption, Smart Reply, and more.

In contrast to the Galaxy A10, the A11 will have a fingerprint sensor. This could be seen as another selling point for the upcoming phone. Sure, it won't be the in-display sensor of the Galaxy A50, for example, but some biometric security is better than none at all.

There's no word on the price tag, but in following the A10, the A11 should cost somewhere around or slightly above the price of the A10 (at least $180-$200 USD).


Galaxy A11 could see Spring 2020 announcement

Samsung revamped the Galaxy A series when it eliminated the Galaxy J series. The company said at that time it would bring premium features to the budget segment. The goal is to bring innovation to younger buyers and make its budget phones more appealing. Samsung is certainly doing that with the triple rear camera setup on the A11.

A device passes through the FCC when it is soon to be announced. The A11 has an upcoming announcement. With certification taking place so quickly, Samsung could announce the A11 this Spring.

Galaxy A11 triple camera 4000mAh battery