Samsung Forgoes ANC On Galaxy Buds Plus In Favor Of Larger Battery

Samsung Galaxy Buds 02 1

One of the major issues with some truly wireless earbuds is battery life, and it looks like Samsung will be opting for a larger battery capacity on the Galaxy Buds Plus instead of ANC.

ANC, or active noise cancellation, is a big deal for some as it helps filter out most noise and allows you to listen to whatever is playing through the earbuds with better quality.

The downside of it is that it will drain the battery life more on earbuds like these. This isn't as big of an issue for larger style headphones, such as those with an over-the-ear style.


Truly wireless earbuds already have a small battery capacity though. And most have a pretty short battery life on a single charge. Lasting just a few hours.

Galaxy Buds Plus without ANC means a 12-hour battery life

Part of the rumor is that the Galaxy Buds Plus will be coming with longer battery life.

Specifically 12 hours on a single charge. The details also mention that the battery in the earbuds is being increased from the 59mAh battery used on the original Galaxy Buds to an 85mAh battery.


This larger battery capacity is what will reportedly drive the battery life on a single charge up to the 12-hour mark. That should be a welcomed change for anyone considering these.

No ANC doesn't mean interrupted audio

While active noise cancellation is a nice feature to have, not having it doesn't mean your audio will be interrupted.

The Galaxy Buds Plus are sure to fit snugly in the ear and still isolate a fair amount of the ambient noise and block it out. Simply because of the way the earbuds are designed.


This is a major step up from the very first pair of truly wireless earbuds that Samsung launched years ago. The Gear IconX. While they did have cool features like the ambient noise filter to let noise in when you wanted to hear people better, the battery life was short.

At the worst you might get an hour and half on a single charge. At the best you'd an additional two hours on top of that. In the scheme of things this should be fine for a workout. But then you'd have to charge them immediately again afterwards.

Not to mention many people wear their earbuds throughout the day or during longer activities. And it's not always convenient or feasible to charge the earbuds up every couple of hours as needed. With the longer battery life, the earbuds will be infinitely more useful.