Samsung AirDresser Sanitizes & Refreshes More Than Clothes


Going to the dry cleaners could soon be a task for the past, thanks to a new smart home product called AirDresser recently announced by Samsung. The device resembles a micro-closet, complete with hangers for clothes and a place to put up ties and other garments. But the exterior also houses a touch-enabled display and water tanks. That's because this smart home addition is intended to clean up clothes that are placed inside.

Samsung says AirDresser utilizes air and steam to accomplish the task. That will not only remove dust and germs to refresh and sanitize clothes. It can eliminate up to 99.9-percent of four different virus groups, 100-percent fo house mites, and 99-percent of odor-causing particulates and harmful substances.

That's based on a variety of tests and the AirDresser does all of that while additionally performing the task of dehumidifying the area it's been placed in.


The Jet Air and Air Hangers Samsung places inside of the machine operate with minimal noise and vibration. Heatpump Drying is quick, effective, and quiet too. That's all quiet enough for use and placement anywhere inside the home, including the bedroom, Samsung says.

The AirDresser isn't going to be cleaning any heavily soiled clothing. But as a result of AirDresser's features, buyers can save both time and money over the use of a dry cleaning service or standard washer and dryer for lightly worn clothes.

AirDresser sanitizes more than just clothes and is low-maintenance, Samsung says

The latest addition to Samsung's smart home catalog isn't only intended to effectively dry-clean clothing either. Instead, the company says it can accomplish the same tasks it does for close for common household items. That includes everything from linens to other fabrics, even covering soft toys that might become soiled.


It's also a low-maintenance appliance. To begin with, Samsung AirDresser doesn't require water hookups, so it can be installed anywhere. There are portable water containers at the bottom of the dresser that can be taken out to be filled. But that carries over to cleaning the unit too.

Samsung AirDresser won't require users to navigate the tight space of a closet to keep the unit itself clean. Self Clean ensures that users are reminded to run a cleaning cycle every forty cyles. Then, the AirDresser uses the same cleaning as for clothes in a more intense cycle to clean itself without any need for detergents.

AI is part of this package as well, with Samsung SmartThings utilizes to remotely access and troubleshoot any problems. That's a feature Samsung calls Home Care Wizard. Another feature, dubbed My Closet, stores details about individual clothing items to ensure users are running the best care cycles for the individual clothing items and materials.


Where and when is this available?

Samsung is playing this product fairly close to its chest, even after announcing it. The company isn't quite ready to give up details about pricing, for instance. The Samsung AirDresser will undoubtedly not be cheap, by any stretch of the imagination. But determining a likely price range for a smart home appliance that has no real precedent is more challenging.

The South Korean tech giant also hasn't provided any details regarding specifics of availability. Instead, it indicates that this launch is global. That portends the launch of the new gadget in markets around the world. But the only specifics provided are that the list of launch areas will include the U.K. and Russia.