Ring Just Announced Its First Smart Light Bulbs At CES 2020


Ring has just announced a few new smart light bulbs and solar power products at CES 2020 in Las Vegas.

Last year, Ring started this expansion into smart lighting. But now, it has a number of new products that really makes this a true expansion. Joining its outdoor light fixtures announced last year, Ring also has some new smart bulbs that can be used in existing fixtures. Ring has also announced solar-powered versions of its popular Floodlight, Steplight and Pathlight products.

Ring says that the new bulbs and solar lights will be available later this year. With no real date set.


Ring has new A19 smart bulbs

So, A19 is the size bulb that just about every lighting fixture uses. There are a few that use something like a BR30, which is a floodlight, and then the smaller candle-like bulbs for some lamps. But the A19 is the most common light bulb out there.

Ring is selling both A19 and floodlight bulbs in this new product range. It says that these new bulbs are designed for "outdoor first" and will still work when the temperature drops as low as -4 degrees Fahrenheit. All the way up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. If you want to use these indoors, that should be no problem though, as they'll always work.

These bulbs are going to work like the early Philips Hue bulbs, and that means it needs a hub. The bulbs will need the Ring Smart Lighting Bridge for connectivity. These bulbs, as you might expect, are in a single color of white. They are not tuneable either. But that should be fine. Seeing as these sell for just $14.99, with the floodlight being $24.99. That's much cheaper than the other smart bulbs out there.


The solar products are the exact same as Ring's existing products

This should come as no surprise really, but Ring says that there is no difference between the solar and the battery-powered products that were announced today. So the Solar Steplight, Pathight and Floodlight will all be the same, but now you don't need to charge them – if you get enough sunlight.

Ring did release prices for these. The Solar Steplight is going to be $29.99, the Solar Pathlight is $39.99 and the Solar Floodlight is $89.99. Again, these will be available later this year, with Ring not penciling in a time-frame for these products. But given the wording in the press release, it's safe to say that these won't be available until the second half of the year.