Razer Just Made A 5G Router That's For Gamers

razer sila 5g

Razer likes to arrive in Las Vegas for CES with a few new concepts, and this year that includes a 5G router that will double as a mobile hotspot, for gamers.

This is Razer, so yes, there is Chroma RGB available on this 5G Router, because why not.

This is not Razer’s first time announcing a router either. It announced Sila in 2018, which was a gaming router. It was designed to offer fast speeds, and gaming performance. And of course, have low latency. Now Razer is showing off its newest router, which is still a concept.


The Sila 5G has a built-in battery & can function as a mobile hotspot

Something we don’t see a whole lot with routers, but the Sila 5G router actually has a built-in, rechargeable battery. This is going to allow it to double as a mobile hotspot.

Keep in mind that the Sila 5G does have four Ethernet ports available, so it could actually run a small LAN tournament. And because it runs on 5G, you’ll get some pretty fast speeds and low latency, anyways. As long as 5G is built out by then.

Sila 5G also features Razer’s FasTrack technology. This is its proprietary traffic management tool. So it can automatically analyze and prioritize certain traffic on the router. Razer also has a dedicated “gaming mode” available on the Sila 5G.


Users will still be able to manually prioritize specific hardware, like a console or gaming PC, or even specific apps.

Since this is a router in 2020, you can use an iOS or Android app to control the settings on the Sila 5G. This includes creating guest networks.

Running on Qualcomm’s X55 5G modem

This isn’t a huge surprise, but the Sila 5G is running on the Qualcomm X55 modem, so it can connect to 5G networks – both sub-6GHz and mmWave networks. It also works with 4G LTE.


But this also works with plain old WiFi, and there is WiFi 6 support thanks to the Hawkeye IPQ8072A chipset.

Now, this is a concept device, and unlike some other companies, that means that it’s not ready to go on sale anytime soon. So no pricing or availability was announced for the Sila 5G. It will likely be a few years before it is available, and likely with newer hardware when it does become available. But this is one of those concepts that will likely hit the market at some point. We see loads of concepts at CES every year, and this year Razer has a 5G router, which fits in nicely with the theme this year.