Possible Xiaomi Mi MIX Fold Design Gets Patented


Xiaomi has patented a new design for a foldable smartphone, and this one could represent the rumored Mi MIX Fold handset. The design has popped up at CNIPA, a Chinese patent certification website.

This design could represent the rumored Xiaomi Mi MIX Fold

The phone that Xiaomi patented reminds us of the Huawei Mate X, kind of. As you can see in the provided sketches, it has a rather large display. This is a tablet-sized device, which folds into a smartphone size.

The display area is highlighted in one of the two images, and as you can see, when unfolded, that display does not really make use of all that space. The section where cameras reside is not reserved for the display.


This handset will include a curved display, claims 91mobiles. One of the two images also shows the hinge on the back of the device. You also get to see the phone when it’s folded in some of the provided sketches.

This is not the first foldable design that we’ve seen from Xiaomi, not even close. The company patented quite a few designs in the last year or so, so we don’t know which one of those will be used.

It may be this one, but on the other hand, it may not. We’ll just have to wait and see, as Xiaomi is rumored to deliver a foldable smartphone later this year.


The company still did not announce a foldable device, so when it finally comes, it will become Xiaomi’s very first foldable smartphone.

Xiaomi demoed its foldable handset prototype last year

Xiaomi did demo its foldable handset last year, but that prototype looked considerably different than this phone. The design of that prototype did get certified last year, though.

It is even possible that Xioami is working on several foldable smartphones, of course. The company upcoming foldable will allegedly be called the Xiaomi Mi MIX Fold, but as already mentioned, its design is still a mystery.


That’s not the only part that is mysterious, as we don’t really know the phone’s specs either. Xiaomi did not really share a lot of info, and we did not see that many rumors / leaks either.

The company’s very first foldable handset was actually expected to arrive in 2019, but that did not happen. Xiaomi did introduce the Mi MIX Alpha, which is a really interesting phone, but it’s not foldable.

That being said, Xiaomi may share some additional info about its foldable handset at MWC 2020. We’re only guessing, though, as the company’s MWC 2020 press conference is probably reserved for the Mi 10 series of flagships.