OnePlus Unveils 120Hz QHD+ OLED Display With 240Hz Touch Sampling

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OnePlus has just announced its extremely smooth OLED display with 120Hz refresh rate in China. OnePlus’ CEO hinted at this announcement earlier today.

The display that OnePlus announced is a Quad HD+ (QHD+) OLED ‘Fluid Display’, and it offers a refresh rate of 120Hz. It also comes with 240Hz touch sampling rate, by the way.

10-bit HDR is also included in the package, and the company claims that each screen is calibrated at the factory for accurate colors. The company does that using an RGB color temperature sensor with <0.8 Just Noticeable Color Difference (JNCD) rating.


This new display offers a 4,096-level automatic brightness adjustment, compared to a 1,024-level adjustment in regular phones. Brightness can be adjusted according to ambient light, while it offers multi-scene auto-dimming, and screen color temperature dimming.

This new 120Hz OLED display from OnePlus comes with a MEMC chip

The company also included a MEMC motion compensation chip. This chip is usually used in TVs in order to avoid motion blur.

OnePlus also boasted about the response time of its new display, compared to displays from other manufacturers. The whole presentation was in Chinese, so we cannot really offer you the whole graph.

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During the press conference, the company also said that its 90Hz ‘Fluid AMOLED’ displays accounted for 77-percent of domestic sales when it comes to 90Hz displays.

That is pretty much all the info that we managed to get our hands on. OnePlus may release some additional info for global consumers soon, or it will wait until the OnePlus 8 arrives.

Speaking of which, this display will almost certainly be included in the company’s upcoming flagships. The OnePlus 8 series will include this display (if the company opts for that name), at least one of them will.


The OnePlus 8 Pro will almost certainly include this display

According to rumors, the OnePlus 8 Pro will definitely include this display. The OnePlus 8 is rumored to include a fullHD+ panel with 120Hz refresh rate, though that is something OnePlus did not announce this time around. So, it remains to be seen how accurate that info is.

The rumored OnePlus 8 Lite will probably include a fullHD+ display with 90Hz refresh rate. Quite probably the very same panel that OnePlus included in the OnePlus 7T. That is a really great display, though.

There you have it. This is OnePlus’ brand new, extremely fluid display, aimed to be featured in its flagship(s) soon. Stay tuned.