OnePlus New Optimized Charging Feature Will Keep Your Phone From Overcharging


OnePlus came to CES this year with more than just a concept smartphone, it also came with a new feature that users will see in the very near future. It's Optimized Charging. It's a feature that OnePlus is currently working on for Oxygen OS.

According to the company, Optimized Charging is going to attempt to extend the battery life of your phone battery by learning your sleep schedule. And this will keep it from overcharging and keep the battery from degrading so quickly.

How does Optimized Charging work?

According to OnePlus, Optimized Charging is going to work pretty simply.


When you first plug in your phone before bed so it can charge, it will charge up to 80-percent. Then it will temporarily stop. About 100 minutes before you usually wake up, your first alarm or event of the day happens, it will then fully charge your phone.

So instead of it overcharging for a good four to six hours (or longer) overnight, it is only going to be overcharging for a few minutes each night.

This might sound like it won't make much of a difference, but it actually will. You see overcharging and fast charging degrades a battery much faster than slower charging. So by doing this, it should last much longer, compared to Warp Charge.


OnePlus says moving forward, it plans to enhance Optimized Charging so that it can learn your sleep schedule. When you normally plug it in, and when you normally unplug it. So that it can keep your device from overcharging at night.

What devices will get this feature?

For now, OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro users can use this feature in the latest Open Beta build of Oxygen OS. And you can check out the feature by pulling down the notification shade on your smartphone and taping on the gear icon to enter the settings, then tap on "Battery".

Inside the battery settings, there will be a new toggle for Optimized Charging. You can turn this on  and off at will.


While it's not yet confirmed, it is likely that OnePlus is going to roll this out to more (older) devices. OnePlus does have a tendency to roll out new features to the newer devices first in beta, and then bring them to the older devices later on. It likely will also be part of Oxygen OS on the OnePlus 8 when that launches in a few months, too.