[UPDATE: Not Coming After All] Pete Lau Confirms OnePlus Concept One Will Become Available


UPDATE: The OnePlus Concept One will not become available after all, according to Ben Schoon, who says he confirmed it with OnePlus PR. Fonearena misinterpreted Pete Lau's words, or at least it looks that way in the provided article. Pete Lau was talking about the technology, not the phone. So, the company's disappearing tech that was included in the OnePlus Concept One will be coming, but not the phone itself. That we already knew, as it was confirmed earlier.

ORIGINAL ARTICLE: During a recent interview, OnePlus’ CEO, Pete Lau, confirmed that the OnePlus Concept One will become available for purchase. This interview was conducted by Fonearena during CES 2020, but it was not published until now.

The OnePlus Concept One may go on sale sooner than you think

During that interview, Mr. Lau was asked about the OnePlus Concept One availability. He was asked to provide a more specific timeline, if possible. Pete Lau said that there is no specific timeline just yet, but that “it should not take tremendously long”. This obviously suggests that the device will go on sale.


Do note that the phone may be slightly changed once it hits the market, though. It may include different specifications, for one, depending on when it arrives to the market. Not that we know what exact specs the current model offers, OnePlus kept that a secret for a reason.

Mr. Lau shared other thoughts during this interview, some about the Concept One, some not. He did admit that the company did not expect so much focus to be on the ND Filter. As a reminder, that electrochromic glass on the back of the Concept One actually serves as an ND filter. That’s a first for a smartphone.

Pete Lau also said that at the moment, ND Filter has two settings, ‘on’ and ‘off’. That will change in the future, though, users will be offered more control over it.


OnePlus’ CEO also excluded the possibility of using electrochromic glass for under-display camera tech. He alluded that the two technologies are not exactly compatible, some other solution will have to be used for under-display camera tech.

The company’s CEO also said that OnePlus expects most innovation to come in the areas of 5G. At least as far as the foreseeable future is concerned. But he also mentioned AI. He also added that the OnePlus TV is a part of the company’s longer-term strategy.

Mr. Lau once again said that OnePlus is not working on foldable devices at the moment

He also reiterated that the company is not working on foldable smartphones at the moment. OnePlus doesn’t think that the technology is mature enough, which is understandable.


Those are the most point takeaways from this interview. If you’d like to read the whole thing, feel free to click here.

OnePlus is preparing to launch its new flagships in the coming months. The OnePlus 8, 8 Pro, and maybe the 8 Lite will become official in H1 2020. The company is expected to announce them in May, but they may arrive sooner than expected.

OnePlus had recently introduced its 120Hz display that will be included in the OnePlus 8 Pro. The OnePlus 8 may also feature that display, though it may include lower resolution, we’ll see.


The OnePlus Concept One almost certainly will not become available before the OnePlus 8 series, the question is if it will launch this year at all. Based on Pete Lau’s wording, it may actually arrive before the end of the year.