OnePlus Concept One Is Going On A World Tour


OnePlus has announced that it is sending its Concept One handset on a world tour. This phone got shown off at CES 2020, and by sending it on a world tour, OnePlus wants many more people to experience the device.

This makes the Concept One sound like a rockstar, in a way. Well, many people would say that this is an exaggerated move by the company, but there you go.

OnePlus says that many people expressed the desire to use the phone in person. Well, many of them are interested in the company’s ECMF technology, first and foremost.


The OnePlus Concept One will visit North America, Europe, and India during its world tour

The company announced that the phone will kick off its world tour on February 5. It will travel to North America, Europe, and India.

The device will ship to six different countries in Europe, one city in North America, and three cities in India. The first stop is Paris in France, on February 5. It will also come to Germany, The Netherlands, the UK, Finland, and Denmark, as far as Europe is concerned.

The device will make a stop in Seattle, the US, as well. As far as India is concerned, you’ll be able to check it out in Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore.


If you’d like to check out the exact dates and times when a device can be checked out in your city, click here. You can also RSVP via that link.

The company says that the Concept One is a phone you should experience in person, which is why it decided to make this move. The OnePlus Concept One will not become available for purchase, so this is basically the only chance for people to check it out.

The phone’s electrochromic glass will make its way to future OnePlus devices

The device’s electrochromic glass will make its way to future OnePlus devices, though. We do not know when, but you will get this disappearing glass at one point, just on a different phone.


The OnePlus Concept One managed to turn a lot of heads at CES 2020. Not only that its cameras “disappear” due to the electrochromic glass, but the phone also looks quite sleek overall.

OnePlus decided to combine metal, glass, and leather in order to bring this phone to life. So, it’s basically the OnePlus 7T Pro, with electrochromic glass, and a leather back.

The device’s electrochromic glass almost certainly will not be included in the OnePlus 8 or 8 Pro. It will make its way to OnePlus devices at one point, maybe even with the OnePlus 8T series, we’ll see.