Netflix's Narcos Series Was Turned Into An Idle Game For Mobile

Narco Idle Cartel

Netflix's Narcos series was a smash hit the moment season one went live, and now the show is being turned into an idle game for mobile devices.

It's called Narcos: Idle Cartel, and as the name suggests this is a game where you don't have to interact with it much to progress forward.

Similar to idle clicker games or games like AFK Arena, Narcos: Idle Cartel will make it easy for players to complete content without dumping vast amounts of interactive time into it.


The game is not yet out, but when it does launch it will be available on both Android and iOS devices.

The Narcos idle mobile game launches this year

The game is set to launch sometime in 2020. An exact launch date hasn't been set, but it is up for pre-registration on Google Play and the App Store right now for those interested.

Pre-registering will serve its purpose too, as anyone who does so will get special in-game rewards. Not to mention you'll be notified the moment the game goes live on your platform.

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Specific rewards weren't mentioned, but pre-registering generally ends up coming with some sort of perk after things are live. So look out for that if you plan to pick this up.

Story content is based on new narratives inspired by the show

The game is loosely based on the show but the story content for the game won't really follow it.

Instead, the game's story is based on new narratives that are inspired by the show. This means anyone who plays it will experience a new story that isn't entirely the same as the show.


For example, the show encompasses many different characters. However, the story is told from the point of view of the cops who bring down Pablo Escobar.

In the game, players will actually be the head of their own cartel. Building it from the ground up and growing it into a massive organization that is rivaled by no one. The game will feature limited time events to participate in alongside the original content.

Participating in events, and likely completing certain tasks associated with them, will reward players with in-game items or currency. The game will also feature episodic gameplay to a degree and allow you to unlock new characters to play.


You'll be able to upgrade your characters too. Narcos: Idle Cartel is a collaboration between Tilting Point, Gaumont Games, and developer Big Wolf.