Myfitsociety Is A New App Whose Goal Is To Eradicate Obesity


Myfitsociety is a brand new app whose goal is to eradicate obesity. That may seem like an overstatement, but the app will at least help some of you do that.

Many people struggle with obesity these days, and this app will help you fight it. It will help you do that by providing you with tools to eat more healthily… well, lead a more healthy lifestyle in general.

The company says that the goal of this app, and the company, is to "promote social change". If the app manages to inspire you to be more healthy in any way, its goal is pretty much met.


Myfitsociety app comes with daily workout plans, HIIT timer, BMI calculator & more

Myfitsociety will provide you with daily or weekly workout plans, HIIT timer, and it even has a BMI calculator. It can track your health, in a way, by keeping track of what you eat.

The company has even included the 'Groups' feature in here, so that you can communicate with other users of the app. It's always good to have some human contact when trying to achieve something, as you can inspire each other.

You can either create your own group, or join someone else's, it's up to you. Myfitsociety app also has workout videos at your disposal, and other motivational content, such as success stories of other people.


Informative articles are also at your disposal. Just in case you need to know how to build up your strength effectively, or tackle that one part of your body that gives you grief.

On top of everything, you can write your own blog here. You can share your thoughts, experiences, and weight-loss journey, if you want.

The app has great reviews thus far

This application only recently landed on the Play Store, and it currently has 15 reviews. All those users gave it 5 stars, which is a great start for Myfitsociety, that's for sure.


The app is free to download and use, and is a really solid choice if you need to lose some weight, or change your lifestyle. Myfitsociety is basically a one-stop shop for starting a healthier lifestyle.

The app is quite simple to use, and you can check its UI in the gallery down below. We've included some official images for you to check out.

You'll also find the company's official promo video embedded below as well. In it, you'll be able to check out some defeating statistics, which require people to change, for the better. If you're interested in testing out Myfitsociety, hit the link down below.


Download Myfitsociety app (Play Store)