Motorola Has Started Shipping Some razr Pre-Orders Early


Motorola is apparently shipping some pre-orders of its much anticipated folding razr smartphone early.

The Motorola razr was not expected to start shipping until February 6, which would be next Thursday. So to see Motorola shipping them a full week early is a great thing. Especially for those that did drop $1500 on the phone.

And considering Motorola did delay the razr pre-orders by a full month, this is good news. As it looks like we likely won't see another delay before customers can experience the razr nostalgia.


Motorola might be shipping early to beat Samsung

Samsung is announcing a folding phone at Unpacked on February 11, that looks very similar to the razr. And it's supposedly going on sale as soon as February 14. That would be just over a week after the razr.

So it is very possible that Motorola is looking to hit the market before Samsung does with the Galaxy Z Flip. That's actually a very smart thing for Motorola to do.

This is because, once Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip hits the market, Motorola is going to have a tough time selling the razr. Especially since it is only going to be available from one carrier in the US.


Not all pre-orders are shipping yet though

This isn't a surprise, Motorola was expecting this demand. And that's why it pushed back the pre-orders of the razr. So it could have more units made in time for the launch in February.

However, it appears that there is still more demand than it expected. That's obviously good news for Motorola and for folding phones. But for those that didn't pre-order yet, it looks like it might be February 25 before you get your shiny new razr smartphone.

According to both Motorola and Verizon's websites, anticipated ship date is set for February 25. And depending on how many more people decide to buy a razr, that date could get pushed out even further.


Those that did order the day the Motorola razr went on sale – January 26 – it's possible that you could have it in your hands as soon as tomorrow. As we're seeing a number of people getting tomorrow as their delivery date. Which is interesting since tomorrow is Saturday and companies usually charge more for Saturday delivery.

The Motorola razr might be a more popular smartphone than many people expected it to be. Especially since it is $1500 for a pretty mid-range device. But it is a foldable and the nostalgia of the razr is really working for Motorola here. Which is exactly what Motorola wanted.