Motorola razr Pre-Orders Start On January 26

Motorola razr image 3

Motorola has announced that pre-orders for the razr are going to start this coming Sunday, January 26.

That’s a solid month after they were initially supposed to start (December 26). But given the fact that Motorola saw more interest in the device than they had expected too, adjusting the pre-order time-frame was a smart move on their behalf.

The Motorola razr should be shipping in February. Though, Motorola has not given us a definite date for that just yet.


It’ll still cost you $1500, for somewhat “old” specs

The Motorola razr does have some pretty dated specs, and that’s because Motorola had been working on this phone for more than two years before it announced it in late 2019.

It’s launching with the Snapdragon 710 chipset, 6GB of RAM, 128GB of storage, and a 2510mAh capacity battery. Motorola has a 16-megapixel camera too, with a fingerprint reader, and Android 9 Pie on-board. Which is over a year old now, but given Motorola’s track-record with updates, it’s tough to say whether this will get Android 10 or not.

Motorola is using an HD foldable display, which should hopefully be a bit cheaper to make and repair. But the display is going to slide down when you close the phone. This is to help protect it and get rid of that crease that we’ve seen on other foldable smartphones. Like the Galaxy Fold.


As mentioned, it is going to cost you $1500 at full retail, or you can pick it up for $62.49 per month for 24 months. It’ll be available from Motorola, Walmart and Verizon in the US. It will only work on Verizon in the US, currently there are no plans to make it available unlocked.

However, in the UK, it is going to be available through EE, and it’s actually up for pre-order today.

Motorola’s first attempt at a foldable

We will be seeing more of these this year. And possibly more clamshells like this Motorola smartphone.


The Motorola razr is a flip phone, which the company is attempting to use some nostalgia to really market this one. It even has a mode that makes it look like the OG razr from the early 2000s.

It looks to be a pretty promising smartphone, though spec-heads aren’t going to like it. Since it is a $1500 smartphone with a “mid-range” processor and a pretty small battery. Heck, it’s smaller than the Pixel 4, which is pretty small. Though, Motorola is using a chipset that is really good with power efficiency, and a HD display instead of full HD or QHD.