The $1,500 Motorola razr Is Now Available For Pre-Orders

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After a slight delay, Motorola has started pre-orders for the foldable razr smartphone.

In the US, it is only available from Verizon and Motorola’s website, but the razr is only supported by Verizon. As there is not an unlocked model available – and Motorola has no plans for one.

Motorola razr is priced at $1,500 or $62.49 per month for 24 months. And Motorola expects it to start shipping on February 14. That’s about a month delay from the original pre-order date which was set for December 26.


You’ll want to be careful with the razr

As we’re seeing with many foldable smartphones right now, you’re also going to need to be careful with the razr.

It’s nowhere near as durable as Motorola’s other smartphones. And considering this does have moving parts, that is not a big surprise at all.

Motorola has said that you might experience some lumps under the screen. This sounds odd, but it actually isn’t when it comes to foldables. The revamped Galaxy Fold is also having this issue right now. Though, most people aren’t experiencing it. So Motorola could just be giving us the worst-case scenario, and hoping we take care of our new foldables.


Motorola did do some new stuff with the razr to make it better than the Galaxy Fold. Particularly with the crease. Instead of it having a crease in the center, Motorola has the razr’s display move up and down as you open and close the phone.

This keeps the crease from showing up on the display, and also keeps it better protected. While also giving you a nearly flat hinge. Something that the Galaxy Fold does not have.

razr is the second foldable smartphone to actually make it to market

Even though the razr is only available in the US and Europe right now, it is still the second smartphone to actually make it to market. Behind the Galaxy Fold.


Huawei’s Mate X has had several issues in getting to market, with many delays.

Motorola razr is also the cheapest foldable on the market at $1500. Part of the reason for this is because Motorola used a smaller display here, and it is also using mid-range specs. In fact, these are older mid-range specs. And that’s because it had been working on the device for a couple of years. So it’s not going to offer you the fastest speeds possible, but it will work really well.

You can pre-order the Motorola razr here.


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