Might And Magic: Chess Royale Is A 100-Player Auto Battler

MM Chess Royale

Ubisoft is making a game that mixes two of the most popular game types at the moment, and it’s called Might and Magic: Chess Royale, a 100-player auto battler.

If you’ve wondered what it might be like to take a game like PUBG Mobile and blend with Auto Chess, this is likely to be that game.

No, it won’t be a third-person shooter, but yes it will allow you to basically fight for victory against 99 other players. Since this is an auto battler though, you won’t be controlling anything once the matches start. As the game more or less controls itself.


All of your input happens before the match begins, so you’ll need to think strategically if you want to have a chance at winning.

The Might and Magic auto battler is currently up for pre-registration

The game already has an official release date. And it’s January 30. Once it launches it’ll be available on both mobile and PC platforms.

You can already pre-register for the game on its official website too. Upon setting your strategy you’ll be able to pick from a wide range of different units. All of them coming from past Might and Magic games, so the characters should be familiar.


This includes units like the Lich, a Treant, a Zealot, and a Red Dragon. All of which have their own unique roles like support, DPS and healer.

To widen your possibilities of winning, you’ll want more unit types. And you’ll need to collect these through gameplay to unlock more. You can also upgrade them to make them stronger, and hopefully prepare yourself for stronger opponents.

Game sessions will be quick and accessible

Ubisoft says the matches in Might and Magic: Chess Royale will be quick. Quicker than other games in the genre in fact.


Though match length could certainly vary a little, each one should last around ten minutes. Which means players would be able to get through more than a few matches in the span of an hour without a problem.

Whether you win or lose, it’ll happen fast so you can basically play more for longer. Ubisoft didn’t want to make an auto battler where matches were too drawn out. As it feels that shorter matches allow for more than just additional matches in the same amount of time.

As an end result of shorter matches, you can fit in more of them, which sort of fast tracks your understanding of not only the game but all of its components.


Might and Magic: Chess Royale will be a free title, and you can also pre-register through Google Play.