MediaTek Helio G70/G80 Chipsets Boast "Superior Smartphone Gaming"

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MediaTek has officially announced a new series of gaming chipsets called the Helio G70 and Helio G80.

Both of these are geared primarily towards mobile gamers, and seek to offer high-end gaming capabilities. As always with MediaTek though, the new chipsets also aim to make devices more affordable.

According to the company the Helio G70 and G80 will allow for those high-end gaming experiences at mid-tier price points. Which will make the phones that come with either chipset less expensive to acquire.


Both new MediaTek Helio chipsets boast superior smartphone gaming

You don’t just slap a gaming label on something and call it good. That doesn’t automatically make it a product geared towards gamers.

What does is designing something purpose-built. Something that offers features that actually make for a better gaming experience. And that’s what MediaTek is saying these chipsets will do.

Basic improvements like less power consumption is one of the features. As well as sustained performance so that players can game for longer sessions.


MediaTek also claims these have “unrivaled connectivity,” which it says will help ensure gameplay isn’t interrupted. Something that’s become increasingly important these days with the amount of mobile games out there that require a constant internet connection.

Games like Call of Duty Mobile, or PUBG MOBILE. Both of which are games that offer highly competitive ranked modes and are the center of high profile Esports competitions. These are situations where you definitely want uninterrupted gameplay.

You probably won’t find these chipsets in phones coming from Razer or ASUS. Two brands which have two of the best gaming phones out there. They also cost a lot. And the goal with the new G Series gaming chipsets is to level the playing field by lowering the cost of devices.


Mobile gamers will essentially have better options for phones going forward. At least that’s the intention.

HyperEngine gaming tech drives the experiences

The secret to the sauce in these new MediaTek chipsets is the HyperEngine gaming technology.

One of the benefits of this is the way it handles a switch between Wi-Fi and LTE connections should Wi-Fi signals suddenly become weak – the last thing you want happening during a heated match of your favorite game.


According to MediaTek, these chipsets are intelligent enough to detect when a Wi-Fi signal is getting weaker and then trigger Wi-Fi and LTE concurrency. What’s more is that it does this within 13 milliseconds.

The company says this will ensure lag-free gaming. Which ensures gamers can continue gaming. There’s also a feature that lets users defer calls without seeing drops in connection speed or just a drop in the connection in general.

Both the Helio G70 and Helio G80 should also offer better resource management, leading to longer gaming sessions with sustained performance.


MediaTek is planning for these new chipsets to be available in phones that will hit the market in India first, starting in February. There’s no word so far on a release in phones in global markets.