Magic: ManaStrike Arrives On Google Play Worldwide

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Magic: Manastrike is here and that means real-time PvP action. If you’re a Magic The Gathering fan then it might be worth taking this game for a spin.

Though it’s worth noting that just because the Magic name is tied to it, it’s not a card game like Hearthstone, so gameplay is going to be different than what some fans may be used to.

The good news is that it won’t be vastly different. A lot of the core Magic The Gathering elements are still there. For example, the game’s lore and characters are all from within the main Magic universe.


You will also choose the color you want to play, just as you would do when choosing a Magic deck.

Magic: ManaStrike isn’t a card game but you still collect cards

This isn’t a card game but you will still collect cards to use in battle. You’ll even drag and drop them as you would in a card game and then watch the units complete their abilities.

It seems almost like a hybrid game that blends the turn-based action with real-time combat and tactics. All of the characters and their abilities are even realized in high-quality 3D visuals on the battle field as they fight each other.


And since it’s real-time, you’ll have to think more on your feet as opposed to having loads of time to think about your strategy as you go. Your opponents won’t wait for you to pick the right spell to cast. So you will have to act quickly.

Don’t miss the game’s log-in event

ManaStrike has just launched today so you’ll be getting in on the action at the start of things.

There’s also a log-in event happening this first week. So if you plan on playing, you won’t want to miss out as you’ll be able to obtain some free items. Which are likely to be useful.


Of the free in-game loot, you’ll acquire things such as gold, gems, and card packs. This is an event which lasts for seven days, so you’ll get free stuff every day that you login. It’s not stated whether or not this event will go away after the first week of launch is over.

So it might be best to presume that it will, and jump at the chance to get the loot while you can. Especially since you only have to login to claim the items and don’t necessarily have to spend time playing.