Linksys New Router Has WiFi 6 & 5G Support

linksys velop 5g mesh gateway ces 2020

This is proving to be a pretty big trend at CES this year, and Linksys is the latest to add WiFi 6 and 5G to their new router.

This is the Linksys Velop 5G Mesh Gateway, and as you can tell by the name, it does support 5G. That’s in addition to WiFi 6.

That makes this a really future-proof router from Linksys. Since WiFi 6 is the next-generation WiFi technology that will be big in the next few years. And 5G is the next big mobile network technology.


It works with existing Velop systems

Thankfully, the new Linksys Velop 5G Mesh Gateway is going to work with existing Velop systems. So if you have an older one, you can bring the Velop 5G Mesh Gateway into your home and use it.

According to Linksys, it should be able to slot into your existing mesh setup without any issues. Which makes it much cheaper to upgrade to 5G and WiFi 6 support, especially if you have a couple of these Velop gateways around your home.

Linksys also announced a 5G mobile hotspot

Linksys announced another router at CES this week, in addition to that 5G router.


One of the other headliners is the 5G Mobile Hotspot with WiFi 6. This is going to allow for on-the-go connectivity. So you have a 5G modem to use in your home, and then you can take it on the go as well. It does support mmWave 5G networks. So you could theoretically get up to a 10Gbps home Internet connection.

This mobile hotspot is going to be great for those that are always on the go, and always need connectivity. Like us journalists at trade shows like CES and MWC next month. And with 5G coming, it’s going to mean that you can have Internet connection everywhere, with minimal latency. That is a good thing.

Pricing & Availability

Now, this is CES. So as you’d expect, there was no pricing or availability for either of these products announced by Linksys.


Having said that, it likely means that you won’t see either of these go on sale until the second half of the year, if not a bit later. Pricing will likely be higher, due to there being 5G support as well as WiFi 6 support. And those modems are still pretty pricey and in their infancy.

But that’s not a bad thing. It’s not like 5G is really widely available in the US just yet anyways.