Your Router Will Soon Be Able To Monitor Your Breathing

linksys wellness pods monitor breathing

Let’s file this under “Weird CES tech”.

Linksys announced that its routers will soon be able to monitor your breathing. They are already capable of monitoring your movement within your home. But with the new Wellness Pods being announced today, your router is going to be able to monitor your breathing.

Now this isn’t meant to be some creepy feature, it’s actually meant to look out for you, and detect changes in your breathing.


Linksys worked with Origin Wireless to make this happen

Thanks to the collaboration with Origin Wireless, which is an artificial intelligence company, Linksys created Wellness Pods that will work together with the new Velop Tri-Band nodes and Linksys Aware software. It’s going to be able to track breathing patterns and sleep quality.

These are meant more for elderly family members. So that say if someone passes out, your router can detect that and let someone know.

What’s cool about all of this though, is the fact that it is done without any cameras or wearables in your home. Which means that it shouldn’t cause any privacy concerns.


How exactly does this work?

Basically, Linksys is able to detect the motion in your home, by measuring the disruptions in radio wave intensity between two or more of its Velop nodes. This would be caused by a person or an animal walking through a room.

Linksys Aware measures the network about 30 times a second. Now if you add in a few of these Wellness Pods, that will increase to around 1500 times per second. This is going to allow the software to detec subtle movements in a room. Like human respiration.

This is one of those products that doesn’t have a release date, or price. However, Linksys does say that they should arrive sometime later this year. Currently, Linksys Aware costs about $2.99 per month. Or you can get it annually for $24.99. So that would be part of the cost of this new feature. The other would be the Wellness Pods themselves.


This all probably sounds pretty weird. The fact that your Linksys router is able to monitor your breathing, or stop moving. That is definitely some next-level weirdness. But if Linksys is able to market this in a good way, it should be a pretty popular feature actually. Especially for those that live with their elderly parents or grandparents – or even those that don’t, but still want to make sure they are safe at all times.