LIFX Intros New Range Of Smart Lighting, Including New LED Strips


LIFX announced new smart lighting products at CES 2020 this week, including an update to its Z range LED strips. And although it isn't mentioned, all of these new smart light products should be compatible with things like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Included in this new set of LED offerings is the 360 (pictured above) as well as the gaming kit. Both LED strip kits are designed to fit around the backsides of TVs and monitors. Complete with corner connectors to keep everything fitting nice and clean.

The LED strips will come with RGB so you can adjust and change the colors to your liking. Based on whatever it is you're viewing whether it be a movie or playing games.


LIFX says the kits will go on sale this Spring, with the gaming kit retailing for $70 and the 360 retailing for $100.

The new LIFX smart lighting range also includes filament-style bulbs

Filament-style bulbs seem to be all the rage these days. The old-style look is popular both with some businesses and with general consumers.

LIFX Filament Bulbs


Now LIFX will have new options to fit this particular niche. The bulbs will cost $30 a piece, and will come in a collection different colors thanks to the finishes for the glass on the bulb.

This includes smokey, amber, and clear, with the bulbs hitting retail stores and online later this Spring.

Get LIFX's candle bulb, now in adjustable white

LIFX already offered a color candle bulb that allowed you to change between different colors at your leisure.


LIFX Candle Bulb

Now though, it's also going to offer the same candle-style bulb in white with adjustable softness. You can change the bulb to fit various different white temperatures, making things brighter or dimmer.

Essentially you can sort of set the mood based on how much light you want from the bulb. While still maintaining the look of a candle. And since the bulb is now white instead of color, it'll actually look more like a candle then before too.


LIFX says these will arrive in the Spring for $30 each.

The LIFX Switch lets you control smart lights even after flipping a switch

If you've ever used smart bulbs before in any of your lamps or fixtures, you may have accidentally flipped one of the switches that controls them.

LIFX Switch


The only issue with this really is that flipping the switch which controls the lamp or fixture that smart bulb is being used with, basically makes the bulb useless. As it turns it off.

Smart bulbs are designed to be used in conjunction with companion apps. Or be turned on and off automatically by another smart home device you have set up. But, accidents happen.

The LIFX Switch is a four-way switch and will allow consumers to continue using smart bulbs even if the standard light switch is flipped. Like everything else LIFX has announced, the Switch will arrive in the Spring. When it launches, it'll retail for $120.