LG Is Banning Employees From Traveling To China

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LG has now issued a ban for its employees, not allowing them to travel to China due to the Coronavirus.

The ban covers all of LG’s employees. From now on, employees will need to get special approval in advance, to travel to China.

LG is also requesting that all non-China based employees that are currently in China, return home immediately.


According to an LG spokesperson, “If travel to China is absolutely essential, employees are required to request and receive special approval in advance. We are confident that the disease can be contained if everyone – including corporations doing business in China – is prudent and makes safety of their employees their number one priority.”

LG is one of the first companies to ban its employees from traveling to China

Earlier this week, LG put out limits for its employees traveling to and from China. Now, it is one of the first to outright ban its employees from traveling to and from China. All because of the deadly Coronavirus.

While it might seem drastic on the outside, this is to protect LG, as well as South Korea and any other countries that their employees are in (like the US).


Airlines have also already started cancelling flights to and from China, including American Airlines and United here in the US. And they likely won’t be the last. This is a deadly virus that seems to be taking over China. The US just evacuated over 200 US citizens that were in Wuhan (the epicenter of the virus), and they are now in the US being quarantined.

Coronavirus has already killed 132 people

The Coronavirus is serious. It has already killed 132 people and infected over 6,000 people.

The virus started in Wuhan, within the Hubei province of China. It is said to have started at a market in Wuhan, though that is still not confirmed. The virus can and has spread very quickly. Which is why you are seeing countries and businesses taking drastic approaches with China right now.


Apple and Facebook are two other companies that have announced some travel limitations to China. Though, they have not put out an outright ban just yet. Allowing essential business to and from China. Though, Facebook is an interesting one there, since the app is completely banned in China.

President Trump is currently deciding on whether he should do a travel ban and block any US airlines from flying to China, and allowing any flights from mainland China to enter the US.