Kohler Thinks We Want To Shower With Alexa

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Kohler is putting Alexa in your shower, with its latest showerhead that it just announced at CES 2020.

It’s actually not a bad idea, seeing as many of us do listen to music in the shower, and this way you can listen to music, get the news and much more.

The Moxie AI Speaker will need to be charged periodically

Implementation is about halfway there, with this showerhead. It includes the Moxie AI Speaker, which is about the size of an Echo Dot. And it mounts onto the back of the showerhead. This speaker is IP67-rated for water resistance, as you’d expect.


This speaker does not have power running to it, and that’s likely a good thing. Since electricity and water don’t really mix all that well.

But that means that you are going to need to charge this speaker every so often. Kohler says that the battery will last for around six to seven hours of playback. That sounds like it could last for a good week or at least five days of taking showers. But there’s also the fact that the Moxie AI Speaker is also always listening. Which is going to use up a good amount of juice too.

This speaker has been tuned for bathrooms. So it can be heard over the noise of the shower, and it also has tactile control buttons.


It works with existing showerheads

Another cool feature about this showerhead is that you don’t have to buy it, to bring Alexa into your shower. The Moxie AI Speaker can work with your existing showerhead. And you can buy the speaker separately.

With that said, the Moxie AI Speaker will cost between $99 and $229, depending on if you buy it with a showerhead (and which one) or not.

That does make it more expensive than an Echo Dot, but the Moxie AI Speaker is going to be better tuned for being used in the shower, as well as being waterproof. One of the issues with just using any old smart speaker in the bathroom right now, is that Alexa can’t really hear you over the shower. And the majority of them aren’t waterproof and therefore aren’t in the shower, but likely on a sink shelf or somewhere else in the bathroom.


While this product does seem kind of crazy, and like Kohler is trying to make your bathroom smart and adding in Alexa, it is actually improving something many of us already do. And that is listening to music in the shower. Because, who doesn’t sing in the shower? With the Moxie AI Speaker, you are going to be able to sing in the shower, and have a better option for a smart speaker to play your music. Not to mention it’s voice controlled.