JBL Announces Club Headphones With Advanced Noise Cancellation


Earlier today JBL announced something unprecedented for the company in the form of dedicated gaming audio, but it's also got new non-gaming headphones coming called the JBL Club series headphones.

The JBL Club series is a new line of headphones that was designed with inspiration from touring musicians. Complete with premium functionality and design. There are three pairs of headphones in the new series, with varying features and prices to match.

This includes the Club 700BT, the Club 950NC, and the Club ONE, which carries a similar name to the Quantum ONE. Unsurprisingly this is also the most expensive model. Packed with the most features.


The JBL Club headphones will start at $150

JBL knows audio pretty well having been in the industry for decades. So you can expect all three of the Club series headphones to pack some punch.

That being said the prices cover a decent spread to fit the different consumer groups. Those looking for entry-level, mid-tier, and high-end headphones. The Club series will start at $150 for the 700BT.

Even though this is the starting model though, they haveĀ almostĀ all of the same features as the Club ONE. Things like JBL Pro Sound, support for Google Assistant and Alexa, and AmbientAware Talkthru. They also feature a 50-hour battery life capacity and have touch controls.


Moving up to the 950NC, JBL added features like Adaptive Noise Cancellation. These are also an over-the-ear style as opposed to the on-ear of the 700BT, and they come with a 55-hour battery life capacity and will retail for $250.

JBL's last pair is the Club ONE, which retail for $350. For that extra money, Adaptive Noise Cancellation bumps to True Adaptive Noise Cancellation, and JBL throws in the SilentNow feature, which lets you activate the ANC without activating the Bluetooth along with it.

Battery life dumps down a bit to 45 hours on a single charge, though this is still quite a lot. All models also feature audio calibration through the My JBL Headphones app.


The headphones will launch this Spring

JBL hasn't quite made the Club series headphones available yet. It won't be long before you can get your hands on them though.

The company says that all models will hit stores sometime this Spring. The headphones will only come in black and will land on the shelves (or websites) of major retailers. So expect to see them at places like Best Buy, Amazon and the like.