It's Official, The Pocophone F2 Is Coming Soon


The Pocophone F2 is coming soon, the company has announced. POCO announced the news via its POCO India Twitter account. Do note that the Pocophone F2 will probably be referred to as POCO F2 in India. That was the case with the first-gen model, at least, while it was called the Pocophone F2 in most global markets.

The Pocophone F2 is coming, the company just confirmed

In any case, POCO did not flat out say that the Pocophone F2 / POCO F2 is on its way. The company did confirm it, though, in its own way. The company used the ‘POCOIsHere’ hashtag, while it also said that the “Season 2 is live now! Brace yourself for impact”.

On top of that, the company attached a short teaser video to that tweet. That teaser is not all too revealing, but it’s a spy movie-type teaser. All in all, it’s quite obvious that POCO's second flagship will arrive soon, no doubt about that.


This time around, however, POCO may announce more than one phone. The POCO F2 Lite surfaced quite recently, while some other phone with a slightly different SoC got benchmarked.

None of those two phones packed in a flagship processor, though. The Pocophone F2, if it’s anything like the first-gen handset, will include the Snapdragon 865 on the inside.

So, we’re still to see some info regarding the Pocophone F1’s successor. The Pocophone F1 was announced back in August 2018. So, it has been two and a half years, almost, since the first-gen model arrived.


The Pocophone F2 was expected to launch last year, but that did not happen. Xiaomi introduced the Redmi K20 / Xiaomi Mi 9T series of devices instead.

Well, POCO is now an independent brand, even though it’s owned by Xiaomi. That much was announced by Xiaomi’s official quite recently. The company was rumored to be working on the Pocophone F2 series, and that has now been confirmed as well.

POCO is rumored to introduce three handsets this year

POCO is actually rumored to introduce three smartphones this year. At least one of those phones is expected to be a “flagship killer”, as the first-gen model was referred to.


The other two will probably be mid-range handsets. If a recent leak is to be believed, the POCO F2 Lite / Pocophone F2 Lite will include a tiny display notch. On top of that, it will ship with a ‘chin’ below the display.

We still do not know when will the Pocophone F2 series of devices arrive, though. If the company plans to stick to its release cycle, it will arrive in August. We have a feeling that the device may drop much sooner than that, though.

Not only did POCO skip 2019 in its entirety, but it also shared a ‘coming soon’ teaser on Twitter, which probably means we won’t have to wait for seven months in order to see some new hardware. We’d guess that the first phone will arrive either in January or February, but we’ll see. That goes for India, at the very least, though the Pocophone F2 will almost certainly hit other markets.