Insta360 Joins Action, 360-Degree Cameras In Modular One R


Action and 360 camera maker Insta360 has a brand new model just in time for CES 2020 called the One R and it's finally bringing the two types of cameras together in one design. While not every detail has been revealed just yet, that's something the gadget manages by being modular.

That means the Insta360 One R has quick and easy swap-and-go parts that can be purchased together or separately. But everything starts with a single base model, comprised of a wide-angle 4K lens and a 360-degree lens. The former of those can capture video at 4K and 60 frames-per-second with 8x slow-motion. It also allows the snap-on processor mod, which also features a touch screen, to be reversed to face either front or back.

Color Plus for high-accuracy color and HDR for more detail and dynamic range capture are part of that particular mod too. So is a dedicated Night Shot mode. Insta360 includes the same color modes on the 360-degree lens. That's actually a dual-lens for capturing front and back simultaneously. Moreover, up to a 5.7K resolution is possible via the 360-degree dual-lens.


In either case, the processor mod and lens snap together and subsequently snap to the red-colored battery. That has a life of one hour, with secondary battery mods sold to double the capacity. That also adds a tripod adapter.

One R Is Modular by design for more versatility

Aside from the base bundle, there are also two other packages available for the Insta360 One R. The first of those is co-designed by Leica. That's a 1-inch wide-angle mod, packed in with the battery and the processor mod. It can record 5.3K video or 19-megapixel snaps with great low-light capabilities to boot.

Then there's a drone-attachment mod that reports haven't provided details on but which works as an accessory. In effect, that allows the One R to attach to a drone for capturing footage in multiple directions with the 360-degree lens. There are attachments such as a microphone shoe, among others as well.


Pricing for the latter mod hasn't been revealed either but all of the mods pack in just a few extra tech-savvy features as well.

For starters, they're waterproof at up to 16.4 feet. That means this is an action camera in every sense of the word, including for use underwater. A USB port for microphones, motion stabilization features, and AI are part of the build too. On the latter front, the AI can pick subjects and follow. Conversely, content creators can choose pre-scripted panning and other motions thanks to the intuitive desktop and mobile software camera software.

Pricing and availability

Pricing is going to vary based on which bundle is purchased, with sales starting on the Insta360 One R later on in January. The base kit starts out at a reasonable $479.99. That's the kit that features a 360-degree lens and a 4K wide-angle lens. For the 1-inch lens kit, that's going to jump by $70 to just short of $550.


Individual lenses are comparable in cost to the company's other products. Those are tagged at an MSRP price of $299, with regard to the base kit lenses. So buying the kit is going to be a considerable value.

Insta360 One R aerial edition presser
Insta360 One R comes with plenty of accessory options, such as the drone ready Aerial Edition, helmet mounts, and more.