HyperX Improves Cloud Flight Gaming Headset With Qi Charging

HyperX Cloud Flight S Gaming Headset 5

HyperX has a new gaming headset out, though it's really more of an updated model than a brand-new offering.

The Cloud Flight S takes the original Cloud Flight that HyperX already sells, and adds wireless charging to it. It supports the Qi standard, meaning it should be compatible with just about any wireless charger out there.

Even though there's not a whole lot different about this model from the original, the convenience of having wireless charging here shouldn't be overlooked. Wireless headsets for gaming are great.


Especially if you've ever spent hours-long sessions fiddling with the cable from a corded headset that continuously rubs against your arm ever so gently. It's an annoying feeling that just gets in the way. But even wireless headsets don't get rid of cords completely.

As you still need to charge them. This is where the Cloud Flight S should really gather some appeal. Just plop it on any Qi wireless charging pad and leave it be till you need it next.

A HyperX gaming headset with multi-platform support

Just like the original Cloud Flight, the Cloud Flight S is multi-platform. So you can use it with more than just one device.

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That being said it's still fairly limited. It might not work with the Nintendo Switch wirelessly and HyperX doesn't mention any wireless compatibility with Xbox One X. It does work PC, PS4, and PS4 Pro however, which means it should also work with the PS5 when it launches.

HyperX also packed this model with a 3.5mm audio cord so it can still be used with the Xbox One X by plugging it into the controller. It can also be used with the Nintendo Switch if you plug it into the system itself during on-the-go play.

And since the headset is wireless all the controls for it sit on the earcup. Which not only makes them easily accessible but also keeps them out of the way.


You can pick up the Cloud Flight S next month

HyperX may not have made a ton of changes here, but that doesn't mean it isn't eager to get the headset out the door and into the hands of gamers.

You'll be able to buy the Cloud Flight S in February of this year and it won't be too expensive (they will retail for $160) compared to some wireless options. Such as the new JBL Quantum ONE that was just announced this morning.