Huawei Believes It Can Survive Stricter US Sanctions

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Huawei is not worried about the US continuing its campaign to block the company from working with American companies, by imposing stricter sanctions.

This is according to the company’s CEO, Ren Zehengfei. Who is currently at the World Economic Forum in Davos, and spoke with Bloomberg about being put on the US entity list last year.

Ren stated that Huawei had already done some preparations, in case this did happen. As it did see signs that it could be pushed out of the US. So, being put on the entity list didn’t really hurt Huawei much, according to Ren.


Though, the actions of Huawei shows that it hurt them more than they are willing to admit.

Huawei is confident it can survive further US sanctions

Ren also noted that the US “might further escalate its campaign against Huawei but I feel the impact on Huawei’s business would not be very significant.” Ren added that Huawei is “confident we can survive further attacks.”

When Huawei was placed on the entity list in 2019, many felt that it might stunt the company’s growth, but it actually hasn’t. The company still shipped 240 million smartphones in 2019. Which is pretty impressive, considering it can’t sell them in the US, and some of the allies of the US have also blocked the company.


Huawei is the number two smartphone maker, and is also a leader in 5G wireless technology. Which is actually how it became a target for the US government. The US government is worried that with its networking equipment, the Chinese government could use it to spy on Americans. But they have produced zero evidence regarding that.

President Trump and his administration have also pushed allies to ban Huawei equipment on networks in their country.

The US entity list hasn’t stopped Huawei’s growth

Many thought that after Huawei was banned from not only selling products in the US, but also from using US software like Android and Windows, that it would stunt its growth.


Apparently, the opposite has happened. As mentioned already, Huawei shipped 240 million smartphones last year. And many in China have been behind Huawei and supporting them. Which is likely where the growth is coming from, actually.

Huawei is actively working to replace Android and Google services on its smartphones too. Having just landed a deal with TomTom to replace Google Maps. So even if the US imposes stricter sanctions on the company, it won’t really hurt the company.