Huawei Vows It Will Never Use Google Services Again [Update: Huawei's Comment]


Update: Huawei has reached out to Android Headlines to comment on this topic:

“An open Android ecosystem is still our first choice, but if we are not able to continue to use it, we have the ability to develop our own.”



This decision from Huawei is all about being independent and not being at the mercy of another country's government.

But, it appears that Huawei is never going to use Google services again.

According to a source, Andreas Proschofsky on Twitter, there was no wiggle room on this. Huawei is adamant that it is going to never use Google again.


This might come as a surprise to some, but for many others, it's not a surprise at all. Huawei hasn't been able to use Google services since it was put on the entity list in 2019, by President Trump. And now, it has opened Huawei's eyes. It wants to be fully dependent, because right now, without Google services, Huawei phones are dead on arrival in most Western markets.

Trump using Huawei as a pawn is coming back to bite

President Trump has been using Huawei as a pawn in the trade war with China, and it appears that this decision is coming back to bite him. As Huawei is still growing and becoming an even bigger tech giant. Allies are also opting to allow its wireless carriers to use Huawei's networking equipment.

And now, Huawei plans to replace Android and Google services completely. Vowing to never use Google again.


To be clear, this is also hurting the US and one of its biggest technology companies, Google. Given how big Huawei is, with it opting not to use Google ever again, even when the ban is lifted, Google is going to lose out on a lot of customers.

Given, most of those customers will be in China, where Google is completely banned already. So it's not as big of a loss. But Huawei's Android alternative could end up competing with Android pretty heavily.

Huawei wants an ecosystem that competes with Google & Apple

Huawei also wants to create a third ecosystem that can compete with Google and Apple. Considering those two basically took out all of its competitors nearly a decade ago, a third competitor would be welcomed.


But where Android is currently on over 90% of smartphones in the market today, that's going to be a pretty tall task. But if there is a company that can do it, that would be Huawei.

Competition is always good, it's just unfortunate that those in the US are never going to get to experience a third ecosystem. Since Huawei smartphones will likely never be allowed back into the US, unfortunately.