HMD Global Will Announce A Boatload Of New Nokia Phones At MWC 2020

Nokia 9 MWC 2019 AM AH 8

HMD Global has begun sending out invites to the press for their big MWC 2020 press conference in Barcelona.

The company is going to be announcing some new Nokia phones, and if history repeats itself, HMD Global is going to announce a ton of new smartphones at MWC 2020.

Typically, HMD Global announces no fewer than five new smartphones as well as a new feature phone at this event. So expect to see lots of Nokia phones.


HMD Global has set the press conference for February 23 at 4PM CEST. That works out to 10AM EST for those of us in the US.

Will the Nokia 9.2 be announced?

It is very possible that HMD Global will announce the Nokia 9.2 at MWC 2020 next month.

This is the same event where HMD Global announced the Nokia 9 Pureview at MWC 2019, so this would be the logical place to announce the next iteration of that phone. Though, there were rumors that it had been delayed for a few different reasons.


Now it’s worth mentioning that the rumors and leaks that we’ve seen have shown it won’t be using the Pureview name, and that is likely because HMD Global is going to be ditching that five-camera setup. At least the way it was on the Nokia 9 Pureview. With five 12-megapixel sensors that were all exactly the same.

We could see the first Android-powered feature phone too

Rumor has it that the Nokia 400 is going to be the first Android-powered feature phone and it is going to be announced at Mobile World Congress as well.

That would be a very interesting announcement. HMD Global has announced feature phones at Mobile World Congress in recent years, typically they were nostalgic phones, like the Nokia 3310. but the Nokia 400 is going to be special for another reason. Because it’ll run Android.


Google has been working on bringing Android to feature phones for a few years now. We’ve seen plenty of leaks of it running on different hardware. So this wouldn’t be a big surprise. But it is how Google plans to take over with Android. And how it’ll reach the next billion users.

We’ll learn everything that HMD Global has to announce, come February 23 when it starts its press conference in Barcelona. It’s bound to be one of the bigger press events the weekend before the show. Especially with Samsung having its press event about two weeks before Mobile World Congress even starts.