Here’s Why HTML5 Is Transforming The Gaming Universe


HTML5 is no longer the new kid on the block. It has become an established name in the techie universe and it continues to increase in visibility. As an alternative design platform for gaming, HTML5 has many advantages. It delivers a complete cross-browser compatibility and it also provides regular updates that give it a dynamic edge.

Here’s why HTML5 is revolutionizing the online gaming industry, and what it means for gamers and developers alike.

HTML5 Doesn’t Demand Resources

HTML5 is not a resource-grabber when it comes to game development. This is perhaps the most important advantage this platform has over others when it comes to gaming. It also allows for intense improvements in game speed. This is crucial, since gamers nowadays are seeking ever faster, ever smoother experiences online. Games that can operate with fewer resources at higher speeds are the holy grail of game development. For example online casino games need to be speedy loaders and resource-minimal to run on different platforms.



HTML5 Runs on Many Platforms

Speaking of platforms, a game based on HTML5 will run on any different platform so long as the platform “speaks to” HTML5; i.e., the platform understands the language. Being able to run games across different platforms is a big advantage in the gaming universe. HTML5 is also perfect for the new generation of browser-based games. These are preferred by most online gamers today, since the only key variable is a fast internet connection. Games that must be installed usually take up too much space on phones of PCs and they do not generally run as fast as browser-based games.

HTML5 games can run on Linux, iOS and other platforms. This is in marked contrast to Flash games, which couldn’t be supported on the iOS platform. It is much easier to attract players to an html5 game than it is a Flash game, mainly because there is a greater number of potential players and very little effort needs to be put in to get as many people on board as possible.


Open Source Development is Revolutionising Game Development

HTML5 game development is being improved through open source which means that the developer can choose which code to use and alter codes depending on needs. This is the reason why HTML5 games and HTML5 developments keep getting better. In contrast to this, Flash games are mainly at a standstill in terms of innovation. It is much easier, also, for developers to find information on using HTML5 for game development as it is easily indexed by search engines.

HTML5 is Already Familiar

For developers, HTML5 is an advantage because it is easier to work with. Most developers have a pre-existing knowledge of the platform and their skills bring the development of new games up to speed very quickly. In addition, it is generally cheaper to develop games with HTML5, partly due to these pre-existing skills. Many developers prefer using HTML5 as opposed to other platforms. It certainly helps make life easier for a developer.

Getting The Games Out There is Easier

Developers also find it much easier to get the games they develop out into the market since there is no length approval process involved. This also helps with updates since there are no extra requirements to consider. You simply need the network connection to make updates and run new games. HTML5 is also generally supported by the big companies, who are pushing for this technology to maintain its place in the gaming universe.



Remote Updates are an Advantage

One other advantage of HTML5 is the ability to update apps remotely. Updates take place automatically and there is no lengthy download procedure for players to complete. This means than anyone visiting the app will see only the most up to date version. Manual updates are a thing of the past.

HTML5 is definitely here to stay. The benefits and advantages of this technology mean that faster games will be developed, more complex games, and more playable games. All this will bring great benefits to the gaming industry as a whole, whether that is online casinos or mobile gaming. As with every new type of gaming technology, there will inevitably be hold ups and blips along the development journey, and sometimes the process of development will not go as smoothly as anticipated.


But the benefits of HTML5 will certainly continue to outweigh any potential problems. HTML5 enables developers to create more innovative games, and it also helps to cut development time and keep development processes smooth. All of these advantages show how HTML5 is transforming the online gaming industry and bringing different games to market.

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