Here's What To Expect For New Stadia Content In The Near Future


Google has released its latest Stadia Savepoint blog post, and it contains a few pieces of useful information about new content coming to the platform.

That being said, Savepoint is mostly about recapping the past month's updates. So most of the details will be stuff that's already known.

The biggest things to pay attention to are the content coming to a couple of games. Specifically Red Dead Redemption 2 and Ghost Recon Breakpoint. The latter of which was briefly touched on yesterday.


New Stadia content starts tomorrow

Of the two pieces of content coming to Stadia soon, one of them starts tomorrow. This is the new live event happening in Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

This new event will be focused on the Terminator, bringing the killer robot from the future to the island of Aurora. In a special mission that will take place you and your team will have to hunt down and dispose of the Terminator with the help of a familiar iconic savior from the Terminator franchise.

In the new trailer below, there are moments where you hear the voice of someone who has come back in time to help you fight. This is likely Sarah Connor, though the trailer doesn't officially reveal who it is.


The Terminator event will also be spread out across two parts. The first part starts tomorrow, January 29, while the second part will begin on February 1. Which is the same day that the new free games for Pro members will show up.

Players will have access to a slew of event-specific items. Such as new gear and outfits, new weapons, and a couple of new vehicles to collect.

The second piece of new content coming to Stadia soon is Red Dead Online: Moonshiners, although there is no release date mentioned for this.


Ghost Recon Breakpoint Raids are coming

Right now Ghost Recon Breakpoint only has one available raid, but another is on the roadmap. So it shouldn't be long before it arrives.

Raids are also not currently available in the game on Stadia. They're coming though. As Google confirmed as much in the latest Savepoint post. It doesn't mention the date of the raids. But, chances are they could arrive alongside the Terminator event starting tomorrow or on February 1.

If you own Ghost Recon Breakpoint on Stadia, now would be a good time to hop in and play it with the new content drops on the way.