Hearthstone Celebrates Lunar New Year With Quests, Rewards, & More

Heathstone LNY

PUBG MOBILE isn’t the only game that’s celebrating the Lunar New Year as Hearthstone is getting on the fun with its own in-game event.

In fact Blizzard is no stranger to offering in-game items or rewards based around the theme of this holiday, with the company offering skins and emotes for heroes in Overwatch every year.

With Hearthstone, players who participate in the Lunar New Year event will get a chance to earn various rewards, including gold. Players will also be able to participate in specially-themed quests during the time of the event.


Lunar New Year in Hearthstone ends on February 12

The event celebrating this holiday will leave the tavern on February 12, so there’s a couple of weeks to participate in all that it has to offer.

Blizzard isn’t actually launching the event until January 29 though, so you’ll still have to wait a little bit before you can seek out the rewards. Once live, the event will add a series of new themed quests.

As mentioned above there will be eight altogether. Each one will also reward with you both gold and dust to use. Which means you may not have to break down cards just to get some of that material.


There’s a new Tavern Brawl too, and a new ‘Blessings’ buff

Aside from the quests there will be a new Tavern Brawl to play through. This will be unique in that it gives players a new ‘Blessings’ buff that they will need to choose for the gameplay.

There are 12 different blessings to choose from and players will get to select three in total before the start of each match. Blessing of the Dragon for example will add a random Dragon to your hand every time you cast a spell.

Blessing of the Ox will add three health to any minion you summon onto the board. And Blessing of the Pig will add a coin to your hand anytime you summon a minion. The blessings are varied, so you’ll need to choose wisely.


However you can’t really plan out which blessings you’ll choose based on cards, as you’ll get a random deck to play with. Which means you won’t know what cards you’ll have on hand.

You will get to choose the class that you want to play though, and you’ll at least know what sort of strategy you’ll use while you play. So that can help in selecting which blessings you want during the match.