Google Rumored To Skip XL Version Of Pixel 4a

Google Pixel 4a CAD render leak 3

The Pixel 4a XL is apparently not happening, if a new rumor is to be believed.

Noted by YouTuber Dave Lee and reported by Android Police, Google is going to release only one version of the Pixel 4a. There will be no XL version of the phone, giving users one option with this more budget-friendly Pixel 4 series device.

The Google Pixel 4a XL probably wouldn't sell as well as the Pixel 4a

Google hasn't confirmed that there's no Pixel 4a XL yet. However, Google is said to have sold more non-XL models of its Pixel phones than XL models. This is suggested to be the reasoning behind Google's decision to not release a Pixel 4a XL.


If this statement is true, then it could be more worth Google's time to dump energy and effort into selling only a non-XL model. Google has sold more Pixel 3a and 3a XL phones than the high-end versions of any Pixel generation device.

So it's clear that Google would want to keep that trend going. And if the non-XL model sold better than the XL model, then Google could have better luck with just one size instead of two.

It'll come with a 5.81-inch display

The Pixel 4a was first leaked back on December 30, noting the possibility of a 5.7-inch or 5.8-inch display.

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According to Dave Lee, the screen will be 5.81-inches in size. Which is slightly bigger than the Pixel 3a. Lee also backs up the claims that the phone will have a plastic unibody design. As well as come with a hole punch camera like on the Galaxy S10e.

Lee also briefly touches on the colors Google will be offering for each device. These include a white, black, and light blue model, which Lee refers to as Arctic Blue. The blue and white models will also reportedly come with a coral-colored power button.

Meanwhile the black model will come with a green power button. While none of this has been confirmed, it has at the very least been talked about. The one thing that hasn't been rumored at the moment is what the phone will cost.


If Google wants to keep things the same then consumers may be able to expect a $399 price tag for the Pixel 4a. When Google launched the Pixel 3a last year, $399 was the price for the non-XL model.

The Pixel 4a is expected to launch sometime this Spring, following Google's annual developer conference.