Google Pixel 4 With Android R Stops By Geekbench


Android Q was announced as Android 10 in October. With a new year comes a new Android system update, and Android R (Android 11) will follow Android 10 (Android Q). A Google Pixel 4 has now been spotted running Android R at Geekbench.

Google Pixel 4 and Android R at Geekbench

Geekbench is the place to go to see upcoming mobile devices pre-release. Every new smartphone makes its way through Geekbench before a formal unveil.

Though the Google Pixel 4 is a veteran device at this point, the phone's presence at Geekbench brings a new system update. The new Android R spotted as the operating system in Geekbench hints that Google intends to unveil a new operating system update this year.


The Pixel 4 report at Geekbench shows the device's single-core (712) and multi-core (2181) scores. Sure, the Pixel 4's single-core score pales in comparison to that of the Pixel 3XL once spotted running Android Q (2,404 points in the single-core score), but the Pixel 4 is the regular model and not the XL version. Keep that in mind.

The Pixel 4 Android R report also shows 6GB of RAM and a Qualcomm processor with 8 cores (octa-core). These numbers demonstrate that the device in question is a flagship and not some entry-level device.

Pixel 4 update in the works?

The new Geekbench report brings up the question: Is there a Pixel 4 Android R update in the works? Yes.


It makes sense why Google would bring Android R to the Pixel 4. First, the Pixel 4 is part of Google's latest smartphone series from last year. Google has provided three years of system updates with its very first Pixels (Pixel, Pixel XL). Google's three-year system update support differs from the standard two-year update cycle in Android.

The Pixel 4 arrived last Fall with Android 10 (Android Q). It has at least one more system update before its mobile retirement. With Google's current update record for the original Pixels, the Pixel 4 could see Android S (Android 12) as well.

Pixel 4 Android R Geekbench report points to the future

The Pixel 4 Geekbench report doesn't tell much, except that the Pixel 4 will eventually run Android R (Android 11). Next, it says that Google's latest is fit to run the future update. However, the Geekbench report points to the future more than the present.


The Pixel 4 didn't arrive with Android R pre-installed, but a future Pixel 5 series will. This indicates that Google isn't done with the Pixel series. The presence of a new Pixel 4 update at Geekbench merely shows Android users what they can expect once the Pixel 5 series is unveiled and Mountain View rolls out the new update to its year-old "siblings."

What Android R may bring

Though there's been few leaks regarding Google's next sweet treat, rumors are circulating that the major system update could bring dark mode scheduling and scrolling screenshots.

Dark mode scheduling would work similar to the night light or the blue light filter scheduling that lets you plan times they come on and go off. The same would happen with Dark Mode in the upcoming update: users would be able to plan when Dark Mode comes on and goes off.


Scrolling screenshots would allow users to capture long webpages. This feature could work similarly to how Samsung and a number of Chinese Android OEMs implement it.