Google Brings 'Live Caption' Feature To The Pixel 2 & 2 XL


Google introduced the auto-audio subtitling Live Caption feature with Android 10. The feature was launched with the Pixel 4 smartphones before Google added it to the Pixel 3, 3 XL, and Pixel 3a devices in December last year.

It appears the company is now backporting Live Caption to the Pixel 2 series. Reddit user yashredy recently made this discovery, with a few others chiming in to confirm. This latest addition means Live Caption is now available on Pixel 4, Pixel 3, Pixel 3a, and Pixel 2 phones.

Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL owners are getting Live Caption with the latest Device Personalization Services update. Many Redditors have confirmed that version 2.8.286596096 of the app adds this auto-caption feature.


Google is yet to announce this new addition, though. It'll likely make the announcement in the coming days. Google may also opt to announce it as part of the next feature drop update.

Pixel 2 gets Live Caption

Live Caption may not be the most sought after Android 10 feature by Pixel users, but is surely a valuable accessibility tool for people who need it.

It adds locally-generated subtitles to all videos, music, and podcasts on the screen, which could of great help for those who are hearing impaired.


Though exclusive to Pixel 4 at launch, Google had announced in October that the Pixel 3 phones will be getting Live Caption in December.

True to its promise, the company brought the feature to the Pixel 3 series with the December 2019 security update.

The update was part of Google's first feature drop update for Pixel phones. A month later, Pixel 2 phones are now getting it with the latest version of the Device Personalization Services app.


Back in September 2019, folks over at XDA Developers were able to get Live Captions working on a Pixel 2, even before the Pixel 4 was launched. So there was certainly no question about compatibility. Now with native support, it works without any hacks or tweaks.

A server-side update to the app should bring Live Caption to more Pixel 2 devices over the coming weeks. However, if you're getting impatient, you can sideload the required Device Personalization Services APK right now from APKMirror. Once you manually install the APK, you should see Live Caption in the Accessibility settings.

It's interesting to see that Google continues to support the aging Pixel 2 with its latest features. While Android 10 is the last promised Android OS update for the 2017 Pixels, they might continue to get additions like this for at least until the end of this year.